Monday, May 28, 2012


Thus they died without severe struggle…

hmm....resigned….trusting in God…

thankful for release from a suffering life…deeply assured that a better existence lay before them….

They from the joining of force seemed preparing for an early death…

The incident happened on 7 April 2012, in which 139 soldiers and civilians were trapped under a huge mass of snow.

The intrepid troops of the Pakistan Army continued the search and rescue operations day and night and have finally succeeded to dig out dead bodies of two martyred soldiers have been recovered by search teams in Gayari Sector, Siachen.

Although I had an idea that there can’t be anyone living in there under the huge burden of ice...hmm...even then I prayed so long for the rescuers to find living soldiers.

But all of the hopes fade away when I heard the news last night.

They all were human being…sent in this world to have a family…life…and they did have it…but their departing without saying goodbye is unbearable.

This is the worst your loved one can do…they can die anytime without saying you goodbye.

So be careful about your loved ones…if you have anything good to share with them...share it now…it may be your last chance. 

I salute all the martyrs of Gayari Sector, Siachen.

May Allah rest their soul in peace…Ameen.


  1. That's what sudden death is where there is no chance for saying good bye.
    Merhoomeen are shuhada who never die.

  2. Greetings,

    Thank you for this poignant post. Yes, we must indeed be ready for death...ours and that of our loved ones.

    All good wishes,


  3. This is an important reminder. I also felt deep empathy with those who suffered in this unplanned tragedy.

  4. The entire episode was very sad indeed, and ditto to CN's remark, a very important reminder to us all.