Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dark Place

I am sorry if I don't make any sense here. Took the inspiration from Ursula K. Le Guin.

Success is somebody else’s failure...hmm.....

I want to talk about failure.

I want to tell you simply that I am failed.

Because I am a human being and failure was inevitable.

I met disappointment....injustice....betrayal...and irreparable loss...because simply I am a human being.

I find myself weak where I thought myself strong.

I worked for possessions and then find they possess me.

I find myself - - as I know I already have - - in dark place...alone...and afraid.

What I hope for now....only I can be able to live the dark place.

As a woman....that dark place is the only house I can own without any other fight. I have my own room there.

In that dark place I am no more foreign....I am the native of that dark place.

I hoped I am never victims..hmm....but I have no power over other people.

And when I failed giving someone else a big success....and defeated....and in pain....and in the dark...then I remembered that darkness is my country....where I live and this gave me smile.

My roots are in the dark....the earth is my country.

Why did I look up for blessing -- instead of around....and down?

What hope I have lies there?

Not in the sky full of orbiting spy-eyes and weaponry....but in the earth I have looked down upon.

Not from above...but from below.

Not in the light that blinds...but in the dark that nourishes...where human beings grow human souls.

After day we all have to settle in that dark place. Consider me...I have already accepted it.


  1. Beyond doubt, dark place (grave interior) is illuminated for the soul of the “pious expired ones.”
    We must take positive inspiration rather than the negative one from URSULA.
    We all have to face the consequences of our own actions—as they end up in failure or success depending mostly on our approach—the way we handle them. Therefore, nobody else deserves to be blamed unethically.
    So failure is the natural consequence of our own neglect.
    Mistakes and blunders are bound to happen but there is always means to fix things in the proper perspective.
    Let’s remember! “To err is human and to forgive is divine.”

    Disappointment....injustice....betrayal...and irreparable loss...are normal ground realities of life for every human being.
    Importantly, for a better living in the dark place, this world is a stage for orientation to get prepared in advance for the smoother after life in the dark place leading to paradise.
    Ursula is right, one day everyone is to rest in the dark place.

  2. Please don't beat yourself up. Life is not always easy but that doesn't make you a failure. You're probably stronger than you think :-)

  3. Thinking,

    We all have our quota of failures in life but never let that generate negative feelings. Rather one should take lesson and work hard for achieving what one aims for. I agree that motivations or blessing are not just form above but all around us including below. We need to recognize such. One day we all have to be in our own dark abode, it is good to be prepared for that but not by withdrawing into self.

    Take care