Saturday, April 28, 2012

When wind blows...

Dear Allah Above....

When the wind of my emotions blows...

hmm....and threatens to develop into a fierce storm...

Help lean firmly upon your Word and toss my feelings aside.

As that pang of rage rises...teach me to be submit and then to release.

Direct me to your Word...hmmm....especially in times such as that I may obey you even during my trying season.

Remind me that I am not as helpless as I might think...that I am not as helpless as I might like to think.

Help remember that it is always possible to obey you...even when my hormones rage....that there is no excuse for unleashed anger.

And because they were patient and constant, He will reward them with a Garden and (garments of) silk.

Remind me that feelings are fallible; hmm...(which I highly doubt)that...more often that not...our feelings lie to us...convincing of something that is not real – something that is not there.

But in all this....your Truth stands firm.

Above all else....teach me how to come to you and be satisfied...hmm....particularly when I feel as though my needs are not being met in man.

Remind me that man is not there to meet my needs....that ultimately that task belongs to You.

"Verily this is a Reward for you, and your Endeavour is accepted and recognized."

hmm...Dear Allah Above...
I am waiting upon you....hmm


  1. Have faith in Allah. He shall hear all your prayers and give you all the strength that you require. Take care.

  2. interesting - six habits my latest bloglet

  3. Thinking,

    God always listens to a silent prayer said with honest heart and sincerely. I am sure you will come out of this feeling soon by God's grace. Share what is weighing on your mind, if you wish to.

    Take care

  4. hmm...Dear All...

    Thank you for coming...

    I am honored.

  5. By the growing brightness of the morning.

    And the stillness of the night.

    Thy Lord has not foresaken thee nor is He displeased.

    For surely every coming moment is better for thee than the one preceding.

    (The Holy Quran. al-Dhuha [The Forenoon]: 2 - 5).

  6. hmm...Qayoom Sahib...

    Thank you so much for such nice words and to remind me to have faith on my Lord.

    Thank you once again for coming. I am honored.