Friday, April 20, 2012

Rival of 'I Love You'

I know the most important three words in the world are...hmm.... “I love you”.

There are very few people will dispute this....including me.

When these words are can mean the world to the two people involved.

However...this is not the real important point for me today to be made about these three word phrases.

The actual agenda is to point out the rival of these three important phrases of the world.

More importantly...hmm...or perhaps...more dangerously...are another three words that rival those three in the effect they cause...hmm...although causing the opposite reaction.

So I will suggest you all: Never ever utter these three words without knowing first that you will not be hearing back those three rival words instead of ‘I love you’…believe me those rival words have the tendency to ruin your romantic mood…even relationship…

And worst is that you will fall in a situation where you can’t take back your ‘I love you’…I mean how it would be like when you say ‘ I love you’ and hearing those rival words…you say…’Okay a mistake! I am taking back my ‘I love you’….no…you have said them and now you have to swallow the replied rival words too…hmmm…

So when today I saw my beloved husband being extra nice with me…he brought me flowers (I) never knowing that it was left overs of a business meeting..and he just don’t want them to be thrown off (something should never be disclosed by beloved husband…otherwise bring quite a disappointment to wife…perhaps) I said…soon after I saw him with flowers...those three important phrases…

Sadly...hmm...after me saying the best three words; “I Love You.”

He said..“I Don’t Know.”


  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for this.

    I've got to try this with my wife :).

    All good wishes,


  2. Ouch.
    Did he seriously say that?
    That.. sucks. Cause I know how that feels :(

  3. Thinking,

    Read 2 posts now. One does find own self in odd situations at times. I agree that these words do make one go so sad.

    Take care

  4. Dear Robert,

    Thank you so much for coming.

    I am honored.

  5. Dear Jack,

    Good to see you again on my blog.

    Thank you so much.

    I am honored.

  6. Dear Ovais does not hurt that much....its always tolerable(perhaps) if you understand your spouse...

    I am honored that you came and think about my writings...

    I am honored.