Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rainbow !

God uses ‘rain storms’ to wash away the high and low of the ground…even the tiny grass roots get clean…and when the morning came we see the flowers more cleaner…more colourful...more green.

The raining at first darkened the sky…you hardly see anything…but turn out good for the nature..hmm....

It keeps it healthy. Only you have to wait for the clouds to drop all the water so that the sky can get clear.

The sun shine again…the tiny water vapours hanging in between the air makes rainbow on the sky…all the golden dandelions lift up their little faces to the sun….all the birds sing joyfully….and so the world becomes beautiful.

At that moment…you can get your camera out and capture the beauty.

I was facing another type of rain last night…hmm...

The tears were falling fast and the low light of night bulb lit them up against the sadness and the night looked even darker.

There are moments in our life that a camera could not truly capture but heart always captured to never let go…and those moments keep haunting you…again and again….time to time….

And thus last night…God washed my heart too…hmm...

Now I am waiting on HIM that when HE will hang it out to dry…so that my heart can see the rainbow…a clear sky…the flowers of heart- the ones HE planted there can be brighter…and heart can sing joyfully.



  1. I love storms. They are so purifying.

  2. Why wait? Better to go out in the clear light of day; something will surely happen, something that may make you forgive, if not forget, the tears.

  3. Beautifully written passage with a unique way to look at rainstorms and tears.

    Catch My Words

  4. very nice expression .. and very well said..close to reality ... enjoy the nature!

  5. Its good to take out the storm of your heart out of yourself through your tears..the weight of the storm will otherwise never let you live..good writing!!

  6. Oh wow!!yayyy!! i can finally comment on your blog :D :D am using chrome now..

  7. only lucky enough people able to shed tears, there are those who hold them in their eyes and carrying the unbearable burden.....
    just added your blog to "My blog list".....

  8. Catholics consider tears a blessing, like a grace.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  9. Refreshing the rain...

  10. thanks friend 4 those consoling words..and sorry for late reply.just returned to really touched..will stay connected:)

  11. Thinking,

    Read all pending posts. I feel so sorry for trauma you are going through. Kindly be assured that we all are there with you at this time. Please have courage to face the loss as we can do nothing but bow to God's Will.

    Take care