Thursday, April 26, 2012

For keeps !

"I don't know," he said quietly, 

"I think we made a mistake."

She nodded back.

Her features schooled into a numb expression of simple acceptance.

Either way she'd made her decision already.

She pushed her fingers into her hair and they caught in the tangle from where she'd slept on it.

"It's okay..hmm..." she said. "You don't have to say it. I knew this wasn't for keeps."

He reached out to touch her hand and slide along her side and sighed heavily.

Then he reached over to the nightstand for his wedding band and left the bed for the rest room.

She remained on bed remembering what irrevocable events happened…

When he came back...he was keenly looking at his ring band in his finger…and her heart skipped a beat…

He said…‘I still don’t understand...why your mother gave me this particular ring on our marriage, she told me it’s your fathers?’

She smiled…‘hmm...may be mother wanted to keep her mistake…transfer her mistake to us?’

He smiled...and slide back to her side.


  1. hmm..why did he take it off ?

  2. :) ... that's kinda hilarious
    ... but these precious things are what we called treasure of life..
    lucky you!

  3. Thinking,

    Unspoken words speak a lot. Sad, isn't it, repetition of history?

    Take care

  4. ...hmm....Dear All...thank you so much...

    I am honored.