Sunday, February 28, 2010

Evil Outside !

I was in the elevator alone.

A man was walking towards the elevator....hmmm.... We made eye contact.

The doors slowly started closing.... And I....hmmm.... didn't hit the button to keep the doors open.

I was again in the elevator and an elderly man however wanted to go the ground floor mistakenly stepped out on first floor and I...even knowing his mistake didn't remind him instead hit the button to close the doors....hmmm

While driving smoothly one poor man wanted to cross the road and raised one of his hand to ask me to slow down and though...I can slow down easily...I put my hand firmly on horn button and my right leg on accelerator until the poor guy decided to let me pass first...even though I didn't let him pass the road while I was crossing him I gave him a know that look....

"Dare you !" look.....hmmm

I was waiting for my mum to came back from assessment room in hospital during her daily visits to a doctor and was holding two plastic cups...a woman out of no where came and asked me to give her one of my cups....I simply denied....she said " Come on its just a cup...." hmm....I firmly said....rather rudely...NO ! and start looking away....hmmm

So Mr/Miss/Mrs Strangers...if you're reading this....

I apologize. I have no excuse for closing the elevator doors on let you stepped out on wrong floor...never letting you cross the road and not sharing my cup with you...

Rather you can easily understand by the simple exclamation that....Right now I have my evil outside.

hmmmm.....May Allah forgive me my sins...Ameen.


  1. Nice workout to Catharsis. Everything eventually shall be well and you will return as the amazing writer that you are.

  2. Maybe the first man was good to leave outside the elevator...maybe a hunch that you best not be alone with him? Maybe rightful fear got too big with the elder one?

    At any rate, I do agree with Dar Sahib...and also am wondering if you are seeing signs of stress and exhaustion? If so, this can be a blessing in disguise to prevent worse reactions with more critical situations...

    With much prayer including faith, you will know what to do...

    Take nice slow breaths whenever possible, dear.

  3. hmm...Dar Sahib...thank you so much for your comment. I am really honoured to have you Sir on my blog.

    Dear Connie...yes...may be it is blessing in disguised since my childhood that I started writing my thoughts in simpler way as if I am telling it to my friends....

    sometimes I find it so amazing that how readers gets shifted from moods to other moods by just following my blog...hmm...

    I used to think that writer can hide his anxiety...anger...dipleasure...pleasures...desires and happy modes in his writing...but now I am understanding the truth...whatever is happening to reflect on his writings....unless he knows how to hold his breath and emotions...

    Thank you so much Connie for your kind comment.

    Aren't we bonding ourselves deeply with friendship ties????hmmm

  4. Most certainly, we are, dear friend and friends...the bond is strong, deep and honest...and we are each contributing with the richest parts of who we are, quite comfortably.

  5. hmm..because we know that our friends will read and follow and they care...

    thank you so are one of most important part of this chain....including Shafique Sahib and Dar Sahib....

    I am honored.