Sunday, February 28, 2010

What to do ?

I am looking for a new doctor for my mum....hmmmm

I am not happy with the previous one.

He is so…so…I mean he don’t lie and tell us whatever is going on with my mum straight forwardly which sometimes makes my mums disease scary and scared me…even most of the time make me cry.

I just called few of my contacts who can choose or get me name of other better doctors in the city and also can get me their appointments and few doctors which I think are really good and can help my mum too in a better way.

Even then there are a few little things that piqued my concern…like…
  • Whether the new doctor would be able to deal my mum’s old disease and how much time he would need to understand all her problems and when he going to start…I mean literally start her medication…
  • Is it cheating on the previous one…I mean letting him down for other better bigger name….our leaving him will become a news in his circle and every other doctor would know that his patient left him because of his lack of experience and service…
  • Am I eligible enough to make choices for my mum...
But it this is something I have to do…I mean I am not satisfied….

However I looked at every other minor detail. I know he's a great doctor....but I can't help but think may be there is one much better then him out there.

Maybe I should look around more....hmmm

Then I realized something:

This is exactly how I treat every aspect of my life…from routine selection of things to jobs and to meeting people.

I always think maybe there's someone or something better out there. Maybe I'm settling for less than I can have and can find much better.

Everyone wants to maximize their happiness at the least amount of cost and risk to themselves.

How do we foresee the future?

How do we know anything for sure?

Every decision we make seems to involve some risk…some chance for failure and misery.

And that thought is so terrifying to me that it makes me hesitate before making a choice.

So the saying goes "he who hesitates is lost."

But if I decide on the other doctor and then find him not better then the previous one later on…I'd kill myself.

What to do? hmmm

Of course I know I shouldn't let my fears paralyze me from making choices.

And sometimes I have to have a faith on ALLAH that things will work out in the end.

Even........if it is a little scary.


  1. I hope your mother gets well soon. Our prayers are with her but i will suggest you to change doctor if you are not satisfied with the current one. you have all rights to make choices for yourself specially when it is something so serious.
    i have heard that even if the doctor and the medicines he is prescribing are good, but you lose trust on him cause of some reason than those good medications too are unable to help. therefore TRUST matters most!
    Go for a doctor whom you trust and first satisfy your heart!When you will be done with it, all will be fine itself!!
    Best of luck and many prayers for your mom!

  2. hmmm..thank you so much ReeBz for your kind comment. It really made my day.

    I am glad that I have friends like you...hmmm....

    Thank you so very much again....deari...

  3. No advice yet I want to also express my deep concern for your mother and intention to begin praying for both you and her. This is, of course, one of the most difficult times of anyone's life. You are being a most faithful daughter. Have you discussed this decision with your mother? I am feeling very deeply for you in all of this experience...

  4. hmm...thank you so much Dear Connie...

    Yes I did talked to my mother about it...she felt the same...anyhow...

    Life must go on and sometimes we just need confirmation from our friends that whatever we are doing is correct...hmmm...

    I really appreciate your concern dear Connie and it sure helped me alot in making decision.

    Thanks again.

  5. Glad if you are coming to some peace...and that you are feeling one with your mother...I am glad to come here once again to remember my intentions of prayer and seeing you in Allah's warm and loving light.

  6. I am very much thankful to you for your prayers and remembering me and my mother.

    Believe me I too, never forget you in my prayers.