Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jean Rodrigues !

Today was Jean's last day in our office.

We celebrated her departure and she cut cake. She spent her 12 years in our office and I believed that gave her life's best days to this place.

She took early retirement and decided to spend more time with her family ... I never get a chance to talked to her about her plans but this is my rough idea about every working person that only after their retirement they finally get the chance to know their family.

I hope best for her though our office is not willing to let her go and Exam Department will be hiring her help time to time.

Jean on her departure speech said that she had seen so many people going and heard so many good byes and today as she is standing on their place exactly understand how they must had felt.

"It is so sad to say good bye" she said.

Yes ! It is...I always try to avoid good bye scene...I still remember my father coming and going to other country year by year and never liked to meet him when its time of his return. I know its foolish of me and people may think I am a

While we were happily mixing up and enjoying the Jean's farewell party snacks...I couldn't resist and my attention divert towards my mother.

She is ill and old....I know I should have my faith on my Allah...I should keep my hopes high...I should praise HIM and pray HIM to give my mother long life....

But as I am an imaginer I cant help but imagining her....departure.....hmmm.....

What kind of a day that would be....? Would I be able to say good bye to her...? Would I be able to meet her...hug with her?

I am not good in saying good byes....what would I be doing...would I be shying and hiding the same way I always do....hmmm....

May Allah help me on this !


  1. I am indeed touched by the sensitivity of this post and feeling an acute pathos. Some goodbyes are very tough and we want to avoid them, but we cannot avoid life, we have to face it, and that’s the only veracious option available as humans.

  2. I read in one of the Connie's post, "If uncertainty is unacceptable to you, it turns into fear. If it is perfectly acceptable, it turns into increased aliveness, alertness and creativity."

    I tried to avoid uncertainty or unseen future....but it must one day become present and I have to face it....

    Thank you so much Dar Sahib....I am honored to have readers like you.