Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome our new Pharaoh - America.

In the name of God, the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy

Its not started from the execution of Saddam Hussein in his own country... or the target killing of poor Afghan's... America proved itself to be new Pharaoh of the world since so many decades ago.

"Pharaoh made himself high and mighty in the land and divided the people into different groups: one group the oppressed, slaughtering their sons and sparing their women - he was one of those who spread corruption."

Pharaoh was afraid of the other group...he believed that one day one person of that group going to arise and kill him...So he started to take revenge from that group. He killed all the son of that group so that no one can bring death to him.

But my MAKER has HIS own way of taking revenge....

"...but WE wished to favour those who were oppressed in that land, to make them leaders, the ones to survive, to establish them in the land, and through them show Pharaoh, Haman, and their armies the very thing they FEARED."

hmmm.....concluding question is.....if America is the new Pharaoh of the world then what is the FEAR....????

What is that fear for which it is taking revenge from the oppressed and are slaughtering their youth???? I am waiting for my MAKER.... for HIS plan....about our new Pharaoh.

"HE is the judgement and to HIM you shall all be brought back. "


  1. I reckon if Pakistan were to be captured by America in future in the name of their so-called War on terror, it would still be better under an American administration than it is under Mr Zardari who doesn't know the first thing about politics.

  2. hmm...Qayoom Sahib....thank you for your comment.

    I still have faith in Pakistan's politics and just to punish Mr Zardari we cant let the whole country fall in America's hand.

    I have no doubt about American's good management but I strongly believe this was not the reason basically to appear on world's map as a country "PAKISTAN".

    I do pray about our beloved country and its freedom. I know we are in wrong hands but hope still lies beneath and I am hopeful.

    May Allah blessed our country's freedom and make its life longer.

    Thank you so much for bringing up such suggestion. Your comment value.

    hmm...I heard in London you are having record breaking snowing ! Enjoy.

  3. I do regret saying what I said above. But it was out of my sentiment of anger at what has happened to this beloved country. The public are pessimistic and unconcerned at large. Someone said that civilizations are only conquered once they have chosen to destroy themselves from within. There has not been enough snow in London though it did snow properly here last month for the first time in as long as most Londoners could remember! I last saw such snow in 1991.

  4. hmm....Dear Qayoom Sahib...I can understand...

    As thats the same thing I just explained in one of my post that sometimes out of rage or anger we do or say things opposite to what are personality is....

    hmmm....but whenever I realized that I made a mistake I pray to MY MAKER to forgive my carelessness and delete what my mouth had just brought out...hmm...

    But I should praise you on accepting your mistake only brave people can do that....

    hmm...thanks for sharing and visit.... I am honored.