Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I am not Sad !

Recently my so called friend branded me as "sad" which was so hurtful....hmm....why she thinks like that???

Lets see from her point of view :

Sad because I have no social life;
I spend "all" my time sat in front of the computer;
Reading a book;
Blogging ;

In other words, doing what this person considers to be unnatural...hmmm.....odd and "sad" simply because normally people don't do it.

Is anyone care about my point of view....hmm...???

I don't get out much...have never had much of a social life....not even after the marriage.

And it's never bothered me...not in the slightest.

I enjoy my life at home...keeping myself to spending time with the few friends I have....I care about my mum and my beloved husband. What else could a normal person do???...baahhh

And so it was quite hurtful to have been branded as "sad" recently by a so called close friend.

They don't blog....they don't do much online at all apart from a quick browse now and then.

They have a social life...they have more friends than I could ever

And in my opinion that's up to them.

Just like my computer enjoyment is up to me.

If I enjoy it, does it make me sad? Does it make me odd, or different from the norm? It is not something imposed on me by my sadness or it is not because I am taking a rescue in blogging on being alone or not having a social is simply I like it.

It simply makes me who I am;

a person who loves to write when she isn't helping her mother or not having free time in home.

A person who has made many good friends in cyber space because of her ability to communicate...

And a person who - get this - actually enjoys having no social life...looks forward to settling down in an evening with an open laptop faced with lovely people offering interesting conversation.

Perhaps I'm missing the point of how people actually perceive a "sad" person.

But I...for not sad. I'm happy....I'm content...I'm me.

Get over it, "friend" !


  1. You have very rightly said that being social or not is just a behavior and not a state of wellbeing or otherwise. Those people who are not social cannot be termed as “sad people” and those who are social as “happy people”. Sometimes very social people are social because they want to forget their sorrows and grief and the socializing provides an escape. But again we cannot term every social person as a sad person. To me you seems to be very social, as you have a very warm relationship with ‘beloved husband’, a very caring relationship with ‘ailing mother’ and a very responsible ‘civic behavior’. What more a society needs from an individual? Be happy you are yourself and so incomparable and the best.

  2. Dar many thanks for taking my side. explained it so well that I was thinking to edit my post and should enter your comment at the end of my will make my post more logical...hmmm....

    Thank you, I am honored.

    ReeBz...thanks alot deari...for coming.

  3. I love the confident and true way you say this line, Thinking: "A person who has made many good friends in cyber space because of her ability to communicate..."

    And in our day, sometimes like letters have been in the past and even now for some of us sometimes, we can sometimes communicate directly, deeply and carefully on a soul to soul level this way...without some of the usual distractions...

    In general and sometimes more or less to certain ones...

    How refreshing to see people here remaining true to themselves!

  4. Just a quick note to say that there are short little comments on the others back a ways...

  5. hmm...thank you so much Dear Connie...and you are so much right about internet....thank you for your coming...