Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a pity !

Recently.....while going through the busy road of lasbella I saw so many shops of RIKSHAW.....and I at one sight fall in love with them..

wow....what a rickshaws...! I exclaimed....and my beloved husband laughed....

hmm...why cant we buy a rikshaw....? I asked my beloved husband....

How comfortable and cosy they look....they require less energy and less space....besides there is nothing to worry about them you can park them almost body would noticed or no body can think of steeling them....rikshaw don't require PARKING know....

I mean what can be the possible causes for a working woman who earn 10 to 20 thousand monthly not to buy such nice...coosy...less spaced....less energy....and economical rikshaw????

It could be like making their dream a easily they can go to their office driving their own rikshaw....they can even go to shopping everyday on it and don't even need to make the double amount fare.

They can drop or pick their children and children of neighbour from schools in these comfortable big seats rikshaw which don't make noise or don't emit carbon dioxide. peaceful a woman can be if she only knew that she has her my case....yellow)...rikshaw is standing outside on which she can ride like a princes and can go to her anywhere...even on date too....hmm...

You know they have so many mirrors in front of driving seat so a person sitting behind can be easily viewable....!

Plus....we can named it too....or can print our all time favourites stanzas on the back...for me it would be...."Khudi ko ker buland itna"....or....may be..."safr-e-bahara'n"...hmmm...

ahh....they worth only.....2 to 3 lacs....and as our financial situation is concerned I don't think you can ever be able to buy me a car....I finally become angry on him....

And he said...." you want me to buy you a rikshaw....and let you drive it? Just because they require less space....less CNG...economical....dont need parking signs...and are non steel able...???


Should be my answer but then I just sigh.....what a pity !


  1. I Dont know if i should really reveal my laughs which i have been suppressing since after getting a clue what the whole post is about.Well definitely you are totally different, we the girls are fantasy lovers and day dreamers at least I'M :D and Rickshaw can never attract me :P i even dont like rickshaw ride,it shakes you so much its simply very horrible.
    We HAD an alto car but few days ago some terrorists burned our car.. and so i have to hire rickshaw daily to come back home from uni.. Now i wish that somehow i get my Alto back but when we had alto, i would always dream for a Mercedes :D and you dreaming for rickshaw :D
    Well thats something very different !!
    hehehe but no doubt nice post, lovely expressions!

  2. hmmm....ReeBz....

    I am literally shocked to read about the incident with your car....poor you....I am sorry about it.

    hmm....for Mecedes...keep your chin up deari...Allah will oone day give you your dream....I have faith in it.

    And for me...I do dream too...believe me most of the time I think about so many ridiculos things too....that cant even count as dreams...

    This post is an example...hmm...

    I am glad that you find it amusing...thank you so much for coming.

  3. Very well and choice of color yellow shows happiness, joy and hope, but still something not told and held back as most personal secret!

    The complete buildup is very strong but the sigh at the end an anticlimax but that anticlimax actually was always in your mind while writing the whole narrative. Once again a fabulous post.

  4. Thanks Thinking i really hope that one day Allah will answer my wishes and prayers too.. its not very old just a month back when our car got burnt and believe me more than i pray for getting a new car, i pray for the ones who burnt our car that they be burn like same!! cause may be that car was brand new, and we got it after 25 years of my dad's efforts and struggle.. and one horrible day some one snatched it from us so brutally when there was nothing our fault...

    wise comment by sir Akhter, i was just thinking that umm why cant we view things in the perspective which sir Akhter,Sir Khurram and Connie have..

  5. @ sir Akhter,
    Sir i read in color psychology that it is the color of pain, dullness, and illness,,,?

  6. @Thinking - I love your posts because I love your point of view in life. very lively and very interesting! I am like so with you on the rickshaw idea! I want one too. I have had great rides on rickshaws...they move fast enough, the doors are so private and yes the new govt. issued ones save the environment too.

    If you or I ever do buy a rickshaw, here is what we can write on the back:

    Rickhaw chalao!
    Dunya bachao!

    @Reebz so sorry to hear about your sad car story. please write an article about this and get it published. People need to hear about this. Its not ok that Pakistanis still sometimes feel sorry for those who use these types of tactics to rebel against govt policies. Matlab do things in a proper way, and don't hurt innocent people. Take your greivances through proper channels. Nahin, its too easy instead to go extreme.

  7. Mao-
    woww how beautifully you said it all. I think the basic problem our people have is the lack of awareness and blind-following.
    That day there was some sort of tension in khi because of riots in two political parties of Khi and so we became its victim.My dad says if they had snatched our car then this wouldnt be such a big trauma but for us, but imagine to see ur property being burnt infront your eyes is how terrible..
    I tried writing on it.. but this issue is too much sad for me and whenever i try,tears flowing from my eyes make all the pages wet..and the words disappear on the paper cause of my tears.. I have surrendered..

    I just check your blog, you have a nice collection of songs in ur sidebar :)and nice eye catchy things like your profile information and email id:) woww its lovely and sweet!

  8. hmm...Dar Sahib...once again you point out something very different yet beautiful from ordinary...

    I am glad that we have people like you in this keep the beauty in us alive....

    Thank you so much Sir...I am honored.

  9. hmm..MAO...thank you so much...I was reading your comment to ReeBz and believe me it shows that how much deep you are in your senses and how much lively and thoughtfully put things to an end.

    I am sure with you dear....dont day I will put an end to the restrictions on woman buying the CNG rikshaw and will sure paint the back with your given comment : Rikshaw Chalo...Dunya thought of it before....thanks for new idea !

  10. hmm...ReeBz...

    There is an request to you dear....

    Even someone had burnt your car...but dont pray the same for know....

    Burning a car and Burning a lot different....

    Pray that Allah shows them the right path and pray that HE reward you on your patience and your lost....only ALLAH knows better and HE is the most Generous and can reward you...

    Allah forgive us our sins. Ameen.

  11. @Reebz - to modify a popular saying: Surrender kerne ka nahin, Surrender karane ka hai!

    Don't give up...Inshallah take some time and later think about writing it down. *hugs*

  12. Wow! Whenever I see the CNG rickshaw and fortunately get it to have a ride to reach my place I feel so happy as if I have achieved a big thing. Its comfy seat and spacious area [as compared to the non CNG rickshaw] where I can bit stretch my legs having big shopping bags make me so proud to enjoy this Luxury!

    Now I think if I feel this much contented by sitting in the rickshaw at the back how would I feel if I will be on a driving seat… Yoooooooo Hooo! I am free… Independent!

    My God Rickshaw has its own Charm!!!

  13. hmmm....Ahaha Komal....

    I think according to your fragile can strech your legs anywhere...even in old rikshaw too

    Anyways...good to hear that you liked them too....

    So many women are in love with these rikshaw....I am astonished.