Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Will !

I was going through the latest biography of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (founder of Pakistan) in wikipedia and found this interesting.

Mr Jinnah has given all(most of the part) of his property to Pakistan and it was not because he don't have any heir of it.

But he wanted to do something for Pakistan even after he is not between us.

To be remembered as an ideal leader, founder and a patriotic person.

He gave us....the leaders....the bureaucrats....industrialists.... common masses an example or a lesson that there should be part of our property or money after our death should go to the Government of Pakistan.

If, we have been following this tradition and made it our pleasure to gift some of our property to Pakistan on our death...I can wonder how many problems have been solved by now.

Yes....there are possibilities that these properties and money of demise may fell in wrong hands and gone in vain but still they can make lot of difference in the building of economy.

I can rich all of our politicians are....these Government servants have more money than industrialists....these industrialists have life like a king and their houses are like kingdom of their own kind.

Still they get birth in this country they die...but they don't have anything to offer to Pakistan.

We....common masses...always feel pleasure to discourage....demotivate or dislocate the right Government and always like to curse the Pakistan but we never think of what we have done for it.

hmmm.....I wish....I can do something for my beloved country.

May Allah give me the honor. Ameen.


  1. Yes. I think we need to start by helping the less fortunate citizens, even while we are alive. I am sure that everyone who is well-to-do in Pakistan can support at least one additional student, or perhaps family, from among those who are without any resources. If this becomes fashionable then it can bring a big change in the society.

  2. hmm...very true Shafique Sahib....

    Thank you so much for coming...I am honored.