Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pursuit of Satisfaction: Your recipe?

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For some time recently, I've been perplexed by self-projections and how one should judge himself. Should one judge himself from his professional, social or academic achievements, and/or the quantitative influence of his work - or something more abstract? All of this sounded little egoistic afterwards, as soon as i tried to reduce the anxiety by little introspection from a spiritual point of view. But. Even this spiritual understanding of my desires and ambitions didn't solve the conundrum. I got the answer from Iqbal's persian poem.

(English trans by me from Urdu)

Laazt e sair ast maqsood e safar.
Gar nigah bar aashiyan dari mapar.

Purpose of journey is to get the pleasure of it.
If you aim at your destination/home, don't fly.

Zindagi juz lazzat e parwaz neest
Ashiyan ba fitrat e Oo saaz neest

Life is nothing but to taste flight.
Ashiyana (home) is not nourishing for his nature

Whats your recipe?


  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for sharing this most interesting question and Iqbal's poetic answer.

    Perhaps flight will naturally occur, with all manner of unforeseen, unpredictable outcomes, as long as the self's splendour is not negated.

    All good wishes,


  2. Thanks a lot for reading and comment.

    Iqbal has a lot to talk about this topic in a very direct and motivationally enthusiastic way, esp when muslims were victims of illegitimate inferiority complex induced into them.

    The uncertainity surely is part and parcel of life, perhaps that's why iqbal is so against fixation and lowly aims cause uncertainity destroys preconceptions like these... Allah knows best