Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chenab College Jhang: Love's Labour

(A very old piece. Just sharing to honour my early teenage alma mater.)

Junior bloc, up till 5th grade. Spent 1 year here. Nervous days of a new comer...

Senior Boys' Wing: The Castle, the Heart, the Magnificence of the school. Where kings, lions, and even monkeys mutate

A somewhat amorous view of senior girl's wing :D

I spend some of the finest years of my early teenage life (age 10-14) years studying in this auspicious and graceful place, Chenab College Jhang (often term as thana CCJ by its notorious inhabitants), some 20 kms outside Jhang city. For many years, I have not visited it, not only my teen age's, but my life's love. I revere it to the extent that it has kept visiting me in my dreams always showing how greatly it's progressing, touching new heights to this very day. And when I hears reports about its glory, its present, I find the visions of elevation it shows me as true. 'Departing' is a gloomy verb, at least for me. Waves of feeling of sadness overcrowd my heart when I think of it, dream of it, because I am away from it. Not a day came when i'd be nervous or unhappy - even during exam days ! - to enter it and live the experience in an exceptionally beautiful and harmonious interplay of academics, freshness, discipline and nature. May the enchantment never end. Maybe it's just that CCJ wants me to keep loving it like i did as a student, unaware of politics within administration or other ugly things (if any). Maybe I want to reunite with it. It is not just a building, or a stately place with wondrous gardens and greenery. It is not a job-shop either where pupils are manufactured and sold to retailers or wholesalers. It is a ground for those with heart, a ground where minds nurture, where nature of man comes face to face with itself. May it achieve high ideals of man's khilafa. Aameen.


  1. I miss my college as dearly too :-). Somehow we appreciate that time a lot more later than we did when were experiencing it :-)

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