Thursday, December 13, 2012

Punjabi Winter

(Lahore Canal. Source.)

This year, winter has invaded plains of Punjab like a real guerrilla force: conserving during the day, letting sun reign whilst at its cyclical twilight; and, attacking with fury at night, knocking out anyone who dares takes his head out of burdensome blankets. But now, just today, it unleashed its true colors. It destroyed its own mist, and washed all tinges of prejudice, confusion and murkiness from the face of the city through constant raining complemented with winds that makes the purification process much more intense and rigorous.

On a routine day. Weather is romantic and at the same time less troubling at afternoon. While the greenery hasn't left the corridors of trees, the breeze magnifies their beauty, whispering people to come out and enjoy the few gardens and parks Lahorites and others are blessed with.

It seems that the winter sends open invitation to everyone to come and walk with it, as if to warm it and reduce its own harshness, as if to hug it... inviting people to let loose their consumption of tea and coffee; again, to relish in the warm glory of preceding summer, teaching us continuity and the importance of complementing with the 'other'...

Throughout the year, i anticipate the lonely walks i'll walk during the cold of the day and at the night, with few around... It is a kind of spiritual retreat after so much meddling with humans in summer nights...