Sunday, December 23, 2012

Success & Humiliation

One Chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission told the following tale to a group of young Pakistani researchers going abroad:

“A man planned to work for an insurance company. He heard about another man in the profession who was very, very successful.
He visited him to seek his advice and left. After 15 days, he came back to him, and said: “I can’t do it.”
The successful one asked, “Why can’t you do it?” The first person replied, “There is too much humiliation in it. People don’t listen to me, they quarrel, they push; they are too humiliating.”
The successful one replied: “I’ve been doing this thing for the last 15 years. People often didn’t listen to me. Sometimes they pushed me. Some even slapped me on my cheeks. But nobody ever humiliated me!”

The moral?


  1. he didn't let people's mis-behavior touch his burning spirit

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  3. A man (or woman) who exercises humility, that is, is grounded in intrinsic self-worth is confident of his own value.

    A man (or woman) who is driven by ego seeks to humiliate to feed his ego, little realizing that he is humiliating himself as he relies on his debasement of others to give himself value.

    Anna :o]

  4. @hyper cryptical... can't add more to this... just wish to realize it

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