Friday, July 29, 2011

With Him !


His mother…brother….and I visited him.

It should not have been too surprising that there were others too who were visiting their loved ones as well.

I watched some people cluster…. hovering over random mounds of mud…..

“Must be a new entry….” His brother said….I gave fade smile….

I wondered what their stories were.

So we walk to the usual spot….and it's the 10th time I see his name engraved on a steel plate on a flat rock.

Grass had grown on what was once fresh earth.

One may say this was our 11th year without him.

And today again….we were there….

With him....hmm.....


  1. Those who leave us, we only leave them when we forget them.

  2. Sad...death of dear ones always have that impact on us. Moving on with fond memories is the only way left out:(

  3. yes we have to move on with their memory of the moments lived with them.....

  4. Thinking,

    Touching. Would you like to share more?

    Take care