Friday, July 22, 2011

To People I love !

This is for all the people / fellow blogger who are visiting me and commenting on my blog regularly but might be not finding me on their blogs as I usually used to be...

But...dear all....don't worry....I will soon shower my attention on you too....hmm....

Look at the year 2011....we seem to be racing towards the end of July at break-neck speed that one feels as though life wishes us to forget that TIME ever existed.

When did the days start going so quickly?

When did we jump into a chorus of "Happy New Year" only to wake up and find ourselves buying barbecue spare ribs?

Perhaps it's simply a sign of age; growing up does strange things to us as life has a habit of running away and we find it impossible to catch up.

It's just one of the reasons why I prefer to make the most of every day.

Before they all start to mingle into one...I'd like to remember what I did on Monday and where I was on Tuesday morning.

I'd like to wake up on a Friday morning and before I start looking forward to my Saturday night fish and chips....I can remind myself that the weekend hasn't quite begun.

No matter how hard life often you feel like throwing in the towel....there's always another day to look forward to.

There has to be matter what.

If your glass is half full you can always look upwards.

As we get older our experiences will inevitably increase and our lives become richer.

So often I hear people complain about turning "30" and how they might hibernate once they become "40".

I even spoke to someone recently who was genuinely upset at becoming "21". I couldn't believe it.

Time goes too quickly to worry about how old you are...hmmm....

Embrace your age and remember that with it comes knowledge...understanding some cases....a bit of authority.

Can't be that bad can it?!

It's life.

And personally....I'd rather get old than not.....hmmm...hold it...

I was suppose to write few words to you dear fellow friends...the people who read me but never mark their presence...and the people who come by accidently...but...end up with a whole blog post...hmmm....

Thanks for bearing me...and I am honored to have you all on my blog. Thank you so much.


  1. Updating your blog is also a kind of giving attention to me... :)
    Love You too, Stay Blessed

  2. Thanks to you as well...for being such a good friend and giving your opinions ...
    age was never a matter to me...I get lot of compliments ..its your inner beauty that shows up and way to carry yourself ..
    With age comes wisdom and authority too...
    and with wisdom comes respect :)
    enjoy every stage of life.

  3. Missed you and was wondering where you went missing or what kept you away from this space. Take care and savour every moment of life.

  4. "Embrace your age and remember that with it comes knowledge...understanding some cases....a bit of authority".

    Age with grace is one of the most under reported blessing :)

    nice way of opening heart with your writing.

  5. Thinking,

    Thanks. Time really flies and one needs to find time to do what one wishes to. Look forward to your visit.

    Take care

    PS : Caught up with all pending posts after shaking off my lethargy. Left comments on previous 4 posts too.

  6. Ageing woes??? Time does fly by Thinking. What never changes is the real us. We evolve for the better, but do age. Enjoy life's every moment:)

  7. Growing older is better.

    Even though every one would love to be ten or fifteen forever, by growing older, we're becoming closer to death..

    Which is better. :)

  8. You are surely on of the bloggers I loved and STILL love.

    Have a great weekend=D

  9. Desire still lives on, though duped by love. The dense smog of memories blurs out all else. Yet, there remains hope - Indestructible (unless one’s minded to sin). When fate causes suffering through debilitation then indestructible hope becomes useless. After all fate’s perhaps more powerful, in fact I think that it is big time:

    Lamhat e vasl jin pei azal ka guman tha
    Chuttki men urr geyei vo tuyoor e suroor e shab

    Ghalib says:

    Hur qadam doori e manzil hei numayan mujh sei
    Meri raftar sei bhagey hen bayaban mujh sei

    Mother Theresa said 'Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.' For her: philosophy, power of foresight and a principle of hope were the things that mattered. Circumstance, conscience and impulse were only materially relevant or not at all.

    There is a Larkin poem about one's glass being only half full called 'Party Politics.' Let me know if you can't find it and I'll send it.

  10. You have been awarded.
    Go check it out.
    Your number is (6)

  11. Such a serious reminder about time.
    And we are always here for you. :-)

  12. Asma Khan

    Thank you so much for giving me such honor. I am so honored to have you as my reader. Thanks again !


    Yes...with authourity comes respect....I do believe you.

    Thank you so much for giving me your time. I am honored.


    Thanks alot for your time and lovely comment.

    I am honored.

    Thank you so much once again.

  13. Danish

    Thanks alot for coming. And liked your comment...seems additiong to my post. Thanks alot for coming and giving me time. I am honored.


    You are always so humble and your humblenes gives me new hopes...I am so sorry for not being regular o your writings though I like them too much... I hope you understand....

    I am honored to have you on my blog. Thanks alot.

  14. Cloud Nine

    Do you mean...that...age does not change US?

    Thanks alot for coming dear...I am honored.


    We are always close to death the way we are always close to life...its all our perception that growing takes you to your end....

    But...yes....this perception sometimes gives us hopes for doing something better in life and to achieve something good...

    I am honored to have you on my blog. Thanks alot.

    Hamza bin Ladin

    Thanks for your award and your assurity that you are always here....I am quite astonished to know about your age and thought that may be your age would soon made you bore from my writings...but you sticked on....for that I am so honored and want to thank you so much.

    I am honored dear little one....

  15. Qayoom Sahib You always amazed me by your authority in quoting the right poetry....

    Yes....we have only today.

    I may find the Party Politics if I try....but I would like to be honored if you send me the would be kind of you.

    Thanks alot for coming and giving me time.

    I am so honored. Thanks alot.

  16. Komal Ali

    Thanks alot....I am glad to have you on my blog. I like to thank you for your continous support and comment.

    Thanks again.