Saturday, July 9, 2011


In an ideal world there would be peace; a life of contentment and complete satisfaction.

There would be no problem.

We would all get on with each other...never have a crossed word...always have a smile and a cheerful greeting.

But no one lives in an ideal matter how much they'd like to think they do.

I knew someone once who told me she and her husband "never" argued.

I didn't believe that for a minute; he was particularly arrogant and she idolised him so I guessed she was stretching the truth somewhat.

I've never been one to argue; confrontation to me is pointless and usually results in falling out... holding a grudge or finding yourself on the slippery slope of bitterness.

Not a nice place to be.

I don't have many personal friends; most of my friendships are online and many are with people I'll never meet in person.

But I do hold all my friends in high regard and value each one.

Holding a grudge is like pressing the pause button on ones life.

When I got divorced in wasn't because we fell wasn't even because we didn't love each other anymore.

We simply drifted apart even though I still loved him and cared a great deal about him.

He went to live on his own, started a new life.

And all I missed was our friendship.

He moved on faster than I did...let me be honest....and I blamed myself for that.

I can’t say that I did nothing wrong to trigger a break up.

Though…as far he desired I was not at all compatible enough to be his wife…

But what is so comforting about that part of my life is after he left me...I understand ME…

....hmmm....what I want and what kind of people would love and respect me and knowing that if I don't move on with my live too....then what hope is there for the future.



  1. I think never arguing is not a sign for any successful relationship, yes of course arguing but not letting down to win the conversation on a particular thought, as we win the words of war but lose relationship... :)
    Best wishes for You :)
    Stay Blessed

  2. lovely music....nice voice Madam Noor jahan...
    Arguing will lead to a bad taste ending up in a broken relationship...people keep distance frm argumentative people and try not to get into conversation...

  3. simply luv this post..cheers friend..

  4. know what..u r a good person and am sure Allah will help u get the best in life...

  5. Argh! I never knew you so personally. Dear friend, life is too precious to be left waste nursing grudges:( May be your ex has shown you that you deserve someone better, someone with better line of understanding, someone who can perfectly sync with you! Good luck till then friend. God Bless!

  6. Anybody who's been through a divorce will tell you that at one point ... they've thought murder. The line between thinking murder and doing murder isn't that major.

  7. Oh, I though the Noor Jehan song would be 'Mujh sei pehli si mohabbat ...'

    Thank You so much for your comments over on my blogspot, really appreciate your taking the time.

  8. Even with all those grudges, difference and confrontations life is good, its the best gift we have from God. Hope for a better and peaceful life for you.

  9. The ideal world lives in us, and we love that world and don’t let that ideal world be shared with others. Our friends and our loved ones who live outside in the real world do not share our ideal world, we only live with their selective memories in the ideal world, which we approve and we do not want anyone to share these memories of our ideal world.

  10. its tough to realize what we want

  11. What an engaging topic for discussion as usual.

    I will have to consider this again to have a meaningful response.

    Meantime, for the first time I'm confused about Dar Sahib's response: ie, I don't know what is the conclusion if any for him...Dar Sahib, how do you advise any connections between the 'ideal world' and the 'real world' or do you? Yet as usual, also so thought-provoking...

    Thinking, I've a letter sent your way in 'slow time' so be looking for it plz.

  12. hmmm...Dear All....

    I am blessed to have you all....believe me.

    Thank you so much for your kind comments and thank you so much for coming and spending time here.

    I am honored.

  13. Its really true,sometimes broken relationships teach us more about ourselves and where we stand!

  14. Thinking,

    Any two individuals will have some difference of opinion and it is only when they resolve it with open logical communication the relation strengthens. In true love one should accept partner what he or she is and not try to change him or her as per own liking.

    Take care

    PS : Sorry to know about what you have gone through but have faith and courage to be what you truly believe yourself to be.

  15. Jack

    You are too good in commenting in the RELATIONSHIP matters....

    And I admire your every comment on such posts....

    Thanks alot for coming and giving me your time. I am honored.

  16. hmmm.. Muhammad Tabih...

    Sorry I left your comment....I am honored to hav you on my blog and thanks for yoour time....