Monday, July 18, 2011

Precious !

“What would you like to take with you if one day you have to elope with the man you love?”

Bill Cosby asked a girl of 6 years….she mumbled for few seconds and blurted out….

“My Mother !”

And so I started thinking….about which items I would take with me if I had to leave my house in an emergency…hmm….

I must have changed my mind a thousand times which eventually encouraged me to go to sleep.

But still….it got me to thinking about people who really do have this scenario and how hard it must be to choose just a few precious items out of hundreds that you own.

This is my list:

1: My Diary:

She is the only thing that I have owned since I was five years old. She goes absolutely everywhere with me.

You may find it really hard to believe but she sleeps with me every night....goes on holiday with me....has stayed in hospital with me and is never forgotten.

2: A photo of my family….their faces are permanently etched in my mind….but their eyes have such an incredible presence that I never fail to feel loved when I look into them.

3. My beloved husband.

Over to you….hmmm….what three things would you take with you –

Just the items personal to you only…hmmm….if you blog it….let me know then I can come over and read it.


  1. Hmmmmmmm....what shall i take with me? My Dad and my children....what else? If the three are material things, then it would be my laptop, mobile and hand bag;)

  2. I will take satisfaction... :)

  3. I will take my love and kids...
    nothing else.

  4. Very cute answer by sweet little girl !

  5. My parents, my brother and my sister. They are my world.
    I can buy the rest again, but I can't get these again.=D

  6. and I am still six years old... :)

  7. Dear All...thank you so much for coming...

    I am honored to have you all on my blog and gald to see your choices....

    However, I wish you all great life and may Allah safe you all from making such choices....

    Have a great time.

  8. Thinking,

    There are so many things which one may need but what I feel I would like to have with me in such eventualities is Faith, Hope, Courage and Will to rebound. Of course, I would take my near and dear ones with me while taking escape route.

    Take care

  9. All that is on the Earth shalt perish.

    Except that which is cared for by thy Lord the Glorious and Honourable.

    (The Holy Quran. Al Rahman [The Beneficent]. 28, 29).

  10. Jack

    Thanks for coming and yes you are right...

    Once again you honored me with your presence.

    Qayoom Sahib

    HE has the answers to all our prayers and wishes.

    Thanks for sharing such nice piece of Ayah with us....I am honored.