Sunday, January 17, 2010

Re-think Rubbish !

hmm... I saw the two people good in terms were talking about their childhood with childhood carelessness about their surrounding and people they come out with.

It was an evening walk with my brother in law with family after the lunch... along came my beloved husband. Husband was asking childish question to my brother in law and he was answering like a father to him. I liked the way two brothers were showing affection to each other.

Brother in Law was talking about how he struggled in America to get a job and a house and how he went to Canada after 9/11 and he again worked for his future from zero point.

"But you know....there you can find a destiny. If you are hard worker and keep up the good reputation you can succeed." He said with smile on his lips and shine in his eyes. I can feel the calmness of achievement in his voice.

One of his boy was eating a burger.... a road side ban kabab... for which I was not agreed to give to the new comer in Karachi but the father insisted. He said "Don't worry bhabi...he will"

When the boy ate the burger he asked me where to drop the trash....hmm...I was about to say...drop it where ever you like...but than as I remembered that they are not locals I clear my throat and said...hmm....we will find a dustbin soon and you use it than...OK?

The nice little boy kept the ban kabab rapper in his hand with his other hand busy pointing out our and furious type of buses.

"Did you ever ride on them? " He asked me. I said with confidence "Yes...lot of time...when ever I like to punish myself for not being a good person. And its a quick way to remember Allah too..hmm."

And with these conversation our journey goes on and on....but we didn't find any dustbin anywhere during our walk.

I know there is been alot of establishment during few years in Karachi and they are also keeping all the streets and roads clean but there are still so much to do.

It is not our habit which makes us drop the trash everywhere...where ever we liked. It is also lack of trash bins on every roads or streets. If you are coming from Gulshan-e-Iqbal to Bahadurabad through Stadium Road(even though the Stadium road contains the Cricket stadium which is the place where so many people gather time to time which means trash time to time) many trash bin you can find on the road....none.

Which ultimately left us only one choice...hmm.

By the way I am not RE-thinking Rubbish only this time.....I always think rubbish.

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