Monday, January 25, 2010

Position Holder !

Stand up for this Champion
He is "Naveed Asif" from Nahranwali village Okara who scored 919 marks in Matric and got second position in BISE Lahore.
His school was 7 KM away from his house and he used to walk 7 KM everyday to go to his school.
Here are his words :
“Me and my mother were really terrified when BISE Lahore team reached our home late at night before announcement of the result.
Actually a few days ago, our cow was stolen at night owing to which we were terrified”.
“You may think it ridiculous but I always said to my mother that I wanted to be like Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah,” he said.
“Quaid-e-Azam is a role model for me."
He seated at stairs after receiving his medal and later Mr. Shahbaz Sharif offered his seat to him.
He couldn’t find any seat in Alhamra hall to sit in a function which was arranged to honour position holders.


  1. hi hun thanks for dropping by my blog i have a private one if you would like to read are you from pakistan?

  2. Oh that is something really very brilliant.But i'm amazed there is special sitting arrangement for position holders then why not for him?
    They are the rubies of our nation, we need to give full attention to them to let the world know about our real wealth!

  3. Queen....hmm...thanks for dropping by. I liked your writing and thats why was visiting your blog continously.

    Thanks for your short visit.

  4. hmm....ReeBz...the ironi is that the people who should be top cant find their place in between top people.

    This is not new in Pakistan we are all victum of our failures which are due to our early disappointment on the people we thought would drag us along even if we cant take step with them.

    But NO....they left us where we stopped by accident or by lack of means.

    I usually try to avoid such news....usually never start my day with newspaper....hmm

    But I cant hide from the truth and truth is that I am dam failure. I failed to make change in this country I failed to do anything for my beloved country and I failed to be a human being. I hide from the ironies of life and I am dame scare of whatever is going on around me.

    hmm....I wish....hmm...forget it.

  5. To the last commenter....

    I am sorry may be my computer dont have the software to translate what you have written....but to me its just square sqaure square...

    First of all I thought fault is in my eye sight but than I realized it is something else...hmm..

    Will you ELABORATE in our language what you had commented I realy like to know....thanks for coming anyways....