Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lady Govida !

This English countess is legendary for her naked ride on horseback through Coventry, a town in central England.

A parade in homage to her, called the Govida Procession, has been held every seven or eight years since 1678 as part of the Coventry Fair.

Variations of her legend have been frequently mentioned throughout the ages in literature, poetry, painting and music.

The earliest source of her story is the Chronica (1057) by Richard of Wendover.

According to the tale, Lady Govida made incessant please to her husband Leofric, the Earl of Mercia or Leicester, to reduce Coventry's heavy taxes.

Aggravated, Leofric promised to drop all the taxes except those on horses if she would ride nude through the crowded marketplace. After she did just that with her hair unbound so that only her legs showed, her husband did repeal the taxes.

Later accounts modify the story in that the townspeople were ordered to stay inside with their windows shut.

A peeking citizen named Peeping Tom, who has sort of become the original patron saint of voyeurs, was subsequently either killed or blinded.

While there are skeptics who doubt that Lady Govida even ever visited Coventry, it is a known fact that she and her husband started and funded a monastery there. ofense but I am affraid that with the contemporary situation in Pakistan's economy we all soon will become Lady Govida and even than would not find our Government happy.

Ahh....the rise in monthly expenses....hmmm.....