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Nostradamus !

Nostradamus, the author of the famous Centuries, was an unusual man for his time (1506-1566).
Nostradamus wrote messages from the past to the future in the form of short poems consisting of four lines each called Quatrains. In his lifetime Nostradamus completed a total of 942 quatrains, which he organized into groups of 100 quatrains called Centuries. However one century only has 46 quatrains.
His followers say he predicted the French Revolution, the birth and rise to power of Hitler, and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He also predicted other events, such as the Great Fire of London (1666) and the exile of Napoleon to Alba.
Famous Fulfilled Prophecies of Nostradamus are:

a) Death of Henry II
The Death of Henry II from a jousting accident is one of Nostradamus first and most famous fulfilled prophecies.

b) The Fire of London
On Sunday morning, the 2nd September 1666, the destruction of medieval London began with one simple spark. In five days a cataclysmic fire destroyed the city of Shakespeare. An area of one and a half miles by half a mile lay in ashes; 373 acres inside the city walls and 63 acres outside, 87 churches destroyed (including St. Paul’s Cathedral) and 13,200 houses. Although the blood of the just in the quatrain was demanded of London, only six people died.

c) French Revolution
On July 14th, 1789 the people stormed the walls of the Bastille, the prison that stood as a symbol to the detested monarchy. This was a precursor to the revolution that shook France, and to the rise, and fall, of the guillotine, that stood on the banks of the River Seine.

d) Emperor Napoleon
He also describes him as a man of ‘fire’, or of war, rather ‘than of the blood’, or of royal lineage. The ‘Piuses’ of the third line are the Popes Pius VI and Pius VII, who were both imprisoned by Napoleon as is implied by the last line.

e)World War II and Hitler
f) The exile of Franco
g) Louis Pasteur
h) Charles De Gaulle
i) The Kennedy Assassinations

With the predictions of 9/11 and death of Lady Diana with the exact date. Nostradamus astonished all the world. After 9/11 most of the world think of him as a prophet who wrote letters to the future people and handed those letters to his son.

In 1994, Italian journalist Enza Massa was at the Italian National Library in Rome when she stumbled upon an unusual find.
It was a manuscript dating to 1629, titled: Nostradamus Vatinicia Code. Michel de Notredame, the author's name, was on the inside in indelible ink.

This manuscript, never published by Nostradamus, was handed down to the prophet's son and later donated by him to Pope Urban VIII. It did not surface again until now, almost four hundred years later.
Some of the paintings reveal new prophecies, while others are eithergenerally indecipherable or linked to earlier quatrains, but not indicated. Among the paintings are a Pope with the body of a dog, female priests, clergymenbeing attacked and a black-skinned pope.

This picture took my attention as it shows a moon with stars and the rise of apoclpse.
hmm....the below picture is very much related to today's world condition. As all are fighting and making other people suffer and draggind out of their homes and countries.
Question is:
Was he a real prophet?

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