Sunday, April 6, 2014

Outsourcing Old Age !

I watched “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”, hmm...I know its old but I happen to watched it just yesterday.

At one point Sonny (Manager of the Marigold Hotel trying to persuade his mother to let him run the hotel till its success he said):

I have a dream, MummyJi, a most brilliant one. To outsource old age! And it is not just for the British, there are many other countries where they don't like old people too! 

I questioned myself… it possible?

Not for the countries outsourcing their old people but us outsourcing our own selves…to outsource part of our life?

And is it not that we do…did already…outsource some part of our life sometimes to our family…sometime to our so called soul mate sometime intentionally sometimes its unintentionally.

Isn’t that at some or other point of our life there are people who demand the rights of our time…and how we consider that?

We think this is the reason of our life to do favours…or may be we don’t even call them favours but the way we spend our life like a honeybee spent whole life collecting bee we human beings spend whole life building someone else’s life which we think that we are doing it for ourselves…we are building our own life…these are like regular little savings…on which we can rely on old age…and at the end of the world what we come to know…hmm...?

 My parents has all of us(six of us) and most of us left them at their old age…why is that when a person worked whole life…gave his/her best years to someone / children at the end of life have to be alone…why people do like to be with young ones but like to be away from old ones?

I also think about my old age…I know few of the friends are being very humble and nice and would say…something nice but the truth is that although I am getting wiser at the same time I am getting older…well its not that I am afraid of my old age…also I don’t mind if my country want to outsource my old age since I know I have not been very nice to it in my better years…instead I was thinking if by that time (within few years) this outsourcing the old age has gone under certain developments and has become a very organized or systematized itself to perfection and they would let us choose the country…”and my dear little old lady…where you like to go to die..?”

They would ask me…and I…I might ask for the map...hmm…but why not start my home work just now…while I have eye sight…can type and google the places…?

As in one point Evelyn said : (about the new environment) Initially you're overwhelmed. But gradually you realize it's like a wave. Resist, and you'll be knocked over. Dive into it, and you'll swim out the other side.

Taking that advise...hmm...I don’t want to resist my old age…it is inevitable…yes ofcourse I don’t know may be I die before I come to my old age but I want to swim out to the other side of the life (which is life after death)…not just let it happen but to be prepared for it…come what may…you will find me gay (as in happy).

So suggest me places where you think little old lady like me can go to die… hmm.... !


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