Monday, April 21, 2014

ME within me !

There is one ME within me, deep inside of me ~ Yunus Emre

One day Nasreddin Hodja lost the key of his treasure.

Although he searched the street in front of his house and around the neighbouring houses, as well as along the road to the village, he couldn’t find it anywhere.

So he called on his neighbours to help him find the key.

They also looked high and low and all around the village but to no avail. It was as if the ground had opened and swallowed it up.

Fortunately, sometime later, it occurred to one of the neighbours to ask the Hodja;

“Hodja, are you sure you dropped the key outside ?”

“Oh no, “ the Hodja said, “I dropped it inside, but to search outside is easier, that’s why I am searching out here.”

hmmm...I imitate ME...but this is not ME...this is someone look like me...wearing my face and having my voice...believe me I am not ME.

And does this really matters to you if you come to know that while talking to me you are not actually talking to Me...but the one imitating ME?

hmm...I think thats the whole point...just because what OTHERS will think about me I have to imitate...had I care less myself would not be imitating ME and would have been happily living being myself.

You know what...I think I am searching the key somewhere or from someone I never will find...perhaps new place...or new god??? my dear dear would YOU please tell me once for all that whether YOU want me to find ME or should I go somewhere someone else for help?

...and being always a devoted parting words (as always) would be... ALLAH be all glory.


  1. Jis ne us ko pukara us ne sub kuch paa liya khud ko bhi aur khud me us ko bhi....jub pukar hi liya hai yaqeen rakho aur talaash jari rakho. Allah bless u always aameen!!

  2. Dear Samina...thanks alot for such nice assurance of being close with God no matter how distant we feel...I am honored to have you on my blog. Thank you so much one again.

  3. apnay man main doob ker paa ja suragh-e-zindagee,
    too ger mera nahi banta na ban apna tau ban!