Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Explain Heat

As human beings...hmm...we invented the languages...and words...and sentences...and phrases that explains... proud inventor of our languages and faithful to our words thinks that there is nothing in this word which is got words...put them into papers forward it to the person sitting next to you and after reading your the language you both know (of course) will understand what you are trying to explain....or simply say them.

Never mind those who...hmm...can’t read or write and not all of us are good putting whatever we are feeling into words but besides all these people most of us have this confidence that we are able to talk so other can hear us...listen to us...believe us...understand us.

But sometimes after all one must and someday learn that there are things...feelings...or even natural bearings you can’t explain.

It is like one has to suffer that...bear it...encounter or experience it oneself to get it understood...hmm....

Then you just have to mention words like...~you know~, hope you understand~ and the other person would spin the head in affirmation and without saying any other word it would satisfy you that you have made your point.

So when my 8 years old nephew called from Canada and said that he is so happy that summer is around and he has plans of going to long rides and will have some outside Bar B Q parties with family...

I told him that summer is very different in Karachi.

He asked me how summer was a tough one...I tried explaining him that its very hot here...sunlight heated everything so much that you can cook an egg on your car’s windshield.

But he seems amused and said that it was funny or might be I am not a very good demonstrator...what could I say...just blurted out few more nearest examples I could catch at that point of being ridiculed by an eight years old...but failed....we closed the conversation and moved on to the other topics.

Well how can I say...hmm...that you don’t know what heat is until you are in your 1992 model Suzuki Khyber old an afternoon crossing the Shahrah e Faisal road in the summer.

You can’t just come up with words that catch it.

Some might

A: Trees give up.
B: You may cook an egg on your car’s windshield...

hmmm....what else...well...describe that if you know how.


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  4. hmm....shukria Tariq Mian Sahib.

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  6. Nice!!! For me though, summers are well spent in Northern Areas of Pakistan. Went with these people and they are amazing!