Monday, August 22, 2011


I've had a lovely weekend with my mum...hmmm....

She arrived on Friday late afternoon with her usual bag of food after I'd told her not to bring anything....and left the same day with the same bag....only the food now stored in my refrigerator.

I worked so hard on my house to make it presentable to my mum.

The first thing she noticed was my computer and asked me why I have placed computer in my bedroom.


I mumbled and run away pretending to do something else.

As far as I'm mum doesn't read this blog. And I know if I tell her she'll never show an interest in my blog.

She doesn't have a computer and isn't interested in the Internet....but sometimes I just wish she'd have a quick look to see what's going on in my life.

My BLOG is my life...hmmm....I write what I experience…I write what I feel….I write what I want…and sometimes I write just to impress.

I often find it a shame if I'm honest because I've been dying to tell her about my blog with so many unusual post I published and all the many supportive friends I have made online...but I know she wouldn't understand.

I wish I could tell someone….about my blog…who would listens to me.

Who could read my words and digests my thoughts; understands my passion for social interaction and appreciates my success as a blogger.

I sometimes feel she's missing out on seeing the other side of my life....the side I enjoy...the blogging, the social networking as a whole.

I idolized my mum so much that I felt I only want to impress her.

I know I don’t have anything else to impress her with….perhaps my regular posts or friend’s comments impress her?

For now....I'll look forward to seeing my mum again....but I doubt I'll ever explain the concept behind Thinking.


  1. You can publish a book based on these posts and dedicate that to your mother and present her the first copy.

  2. akhtar suggestion sounds good yar...hey u just wrote abt mum.. and i just wrote abt mum-in-law -coincidence..:)cheers

  3. You just told her about your blog and responses you received here, may be she wish to see this... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  4. I think your mom is proud of you :-)

  5. well...publishing a BLOG BOOK is a good i think....

  6. generation gap i guess... anyways you should tell her...afterall what can you lose? maybe eventually she will like your work... :) best luck for the next time she comes :)

  7. tell her you like writing, tell her you want her to take an interest in your life. talk to her. talk to her now or later you will miss the time that u had and u never availed. why do u live seperately? married? if yes then maybe you'll never get time again to talk to her once u start ur own family.

  8. its always like that..THE REASON THEY ARE OUR MOM!
    ...its nothing to do with generation gap ,its always been there...and will be..daughters cannot be jus like mom..or vice-versa..
    they love us,their care is what matters...
    enjoy n cherish the moments with her..these days will never come back..I am in US and my mom in india..I miss her so much!

  9. Thinking,

    I also agree with what Akhtar said above. I am sure she would surely be interested to know about what goes on in your mind and how you present it. So why not to let her read some posts when you are together telling her that you need her advice on some issues. Let her read comments too. I am sure after that she would be regular in reading your blogs. No matter how old we grow we still look for approval of parents.

    Take care

  10. hhhmmm....Dear All....

    I am honored to have you all....