Friday, August 26, 2011

If I were a beloved Husband!

“Virtue is always modest, and modesty is itself a virtue. He who is discovered by his real excellence, and not by his egotistical advertisements of his own perfections, is a man worth knowing.”

-C. H. Spurgeon

Though I am not a model wife….hmmm…..I have longed to be a beloved husband just long enough to show other husbands how to act.

For….having viewed beloved husband from a wife’s standpoint…and having a wife’s idea of a model husband….

I think I could make a decided improvement on the conduct of most husbands.

First of all…if I were a husband….I would strive with all my might to be a manly….for if there is anything despicable…it is a man with weak feminine traits who could not utter a word infront of his elder sisters...hmm....

Endowed with a healthy man’s strength….I would use it in defending all creatures weaker than myself specially my wife.

I don’t think you would ever catch me talking nonsense to the baggers or waiving my hands to them to move away….instead I would politely ask them to move ahead or may be pay them some change because such conduct is a sign of a kind heart.

And a man that will take delight in playing mean….rough jokes on his wife’s girl friends is not the one that will step aside for his wife or give her his seat.

Therefore….I would practice politeness toward my wife’s girlfriends….so that it would come natural for me when my wife is around.

If I were a beloved husband….I would not try to hurry my wife or push her to finish her shopping as soon as possible as I cant stand the crowd….as I have seen men do.

I mean it is not civilized enough for a husband to disturb his wife on such important task.

And you would never find me among the crowd of loafers on the corner standing ready to remark upon or laugh at the passers by and I would never make my wife believe that they are my friends…if my wife thinks that all of my friends looked like loafers…I would readily give away their friendship.

And I would never allow my wife to do any heavy work that belongs to a big stout man like carrying the big shopping bags full of clothes or other stuff…even if they are all belongs to my wife.

I would never throw my wet towel on the floor or enter the house with muddy boots…and thereby save the wife the vexation that such conduct causes.

And I would never enter any house (specially neighbors) without the consent of my wife.

Above all I would keep clean….always wear the finest clothes when come to fetch wife from her office so that my wife need not shirk from allowing me to carry her books or bag.

Now if I were a beloved husband…I would try…after hearing these suggestions…to improve my general behavior.

At any rate… would surely make my wife respect me…hmmm.


  1. you make him sound more like ur pleaser and worker then ur husband... sorry to say...

    But, i dont believ my husband wud ever accompany me to shop, i wud rather go with my Girl friends to help him avoid this utterly unncessary and feminish work... unless he wishes to take me for then i will ensure i do it as fast as possible... i know how my brothers were so i know how men really are and wats their thing...and husbands are the same specy

    secondly i wud really appreciate my husband comingt p opick me for i know i wud have really been grateful to my brothers and father and never dared lose repsect for them if they didnt suited like tom cruise for i love them anyways...

    i wudnt really mind doing a bit of chores for my loved ones and husband is really no different...

    i think men are not to slave or please woman... even if women were surely created to please men, dont ask me why? even was created for adam, to fill his loneliness u can read there more abt the role of a woman...

    may be i am sounding all wrong to u... but really... when u give birth to a son... ur son will only reflect ur own self esteem... if u will find him pleasing he will become wonderful... if u will find him displeasing he will never come up to ur epxectations... its how u want to see it and it will be...

    same goes with a husband.

  2. hmmm...that will surely help in making me a beloved husband :) thanks for sharing :)

  3. more like.... 'if I were a boy.' :) will post this, save it and keep it for my dear future husband, whoever he is.

  4. Interesting :p

    I can see why you choose your points..

  5. Aww, this post has taught me alot. Hope I turn out to be a great husband =D

    and please Stop been so modest. You must be model wife.


  6. In the end, people are who they are :-)

  7. Sounds really good!
    hope we all have that kid of matters But it s a complete package cannot be ignored.

  8. Interesting post....
    At least we guys are able to know what wifes wants us to be...:))

  9. its interesting. i never think in that but jus in case i was a husband i was totally same ..:D

    P.S I've created a new girls blog with the name She Exists, where she exists and He Stalks .. hope you'll come and have network with me .
    will love to see you around ..

    She Exists...
    Aish .

  10. Hmm...a charge sheet to beloved husband

  11. Lovely post! I've taken notes for when my time comes :).

  12. Thinking,

    Experience speaks. How good it would be if all husbands understand this! However on point about giving alms to beggars I disagree as we should rather make efforts to teach them to be self reliant than giving alms.

    Take care

  13. Dear All...

    So nice of you to visit...

    I am honored.