Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What I have done ?

It is always been with me that whenever I try to be busy with something and want to give my full attention to that only important something....something else very urgent came along...hmm....

I know I know I know...what about MULTITASKING?

Yes...I know about it but doesn't this another something urgent always depress you...like you are not giving your full attention to your “very important thing”.

And this burdens your heart and mind that you are actually not faithfully completing whatever you were suppose to do...hmmm....

And there are days when I don't have a single tiny winy thing to divert my whole energy to...and then usually I have a fly catcher in my hand staring at the computer screen whole day long nothing special to write or to read.

During the Holy month of Ramadan....

I made the following THINGS TO DO List:

1: I will try to revive the long forgotten relationship with my LORD....that this month I will devout myself to religion only...

2: I will try to recite Quran Sharif (Holy Book) at least half hour everyday...

3: I will pray devotedly....

4: I will work honestly in my office....will never take a sick leave if I am not actually sick...

5: Always be nice and humble with my In-Laws and will try to be a good angelic wife to my beloved husband….

But as soon as I close my diary….

1: I got a call from my sisters that they are arriving from blah blah country to have EID with us….and so my mother put me in charge to clean house and get their room ready…

2: My office people put the loads of loads of piled work on me

3: My Google account and blog account got hacked and someone start claiming something like…I don’t have energy enough to talk about it now…

4: My nice…lovely…friend admitted in hospital and I have to look after her three children for whole week…

Every morning I had hectic day with lots of work in office…every afternoon I spent time with either my friend in hospital or in her house with her children…every evening after iftaar (when we break our fasting) I have to run along with my sisters for their shopping…

And when I finally came back home…I usually didn’t have energy to even look at my things to do list and dose off.

Whole month I looked for ways to talk to my MAKER…to actually TURN to HIM...and asked for HIS forgiveness…hmm....instead whole month WORLD kept me busy and looped me in it so intensely that I failed to do anything which I suppose to do in this month.

And now…when we are at the end of Ramadan…when may be today we will FAST for last time….until next year…I am feeling so ashamed of myself….

What my things to do list had….and….What I have done….? hmmm....


  1. Thinking, believe me, you have done so well, and your Creator is pretty happy for whatever you did during this Holy month including helping others, doing your stuff properly and be with your friends when they needed you. Please don't be ashamed, I think this would be one of the memorable months of Ramzan of your life when you accomplished so many things with dedication and devotion for others.

  2. Thinking well done you are very normal.

  3. Wow.
    I feel ashamed too. =(
    May Allah bless us all.

    Eid♥ Mubarik♥ !! =D

  4. Eid mubarak to you and your family.

  5. eid mubarak to you =) Inshallah todo list is here next time is the right time to implement ;)

  6. Eid Mubarak!

    I try to make sure my to do list for Ramadhan is short and easily accomplished. I managed to complete my main goal, memorizing four new short surahs, alhamdulillah, but I fell short of all my other goals. It happens as we are all only human.

  7. Thinking,

    God knows and had given you these tasks knowing that you will do full justice. So relax, God is kind to you. What is the use of reading Holy Books or fasting if you can not do your assigned tasks which need more attention, even God knows it?

    Take care

  8. Dear All...

    Thank alot for taking out time for me.

    I am honored to have you all.