Sunday, August 7, 2011

Being Me

I was pleasantly surprised the other day when my beloved husband expressed how he understood my reasons for being "me"...hmm.....

You may think this sound odd but all my life I've always felt like someone who doesn't belong...someone who hides in the corner and lets the world continue while she looks on.

One of my best friends who is a party lover texted me if I wanted to go over for Iftaar plus Diner party with three of her friends.

But....even though I love her to bits....I declined her invitation.

My unsociable personality is sometimes the bane of my life but it's just who I am...

I can't help being like this and I don't want to change.

hmm....I enjoy being me.

Sometimes...when I'm feeling isolated...I'd like to be invited to a party and accept the invitation... but I know I won't go and that's most likely why I never get invited anywhere.

And now I never complain about not being invited...people know me....they seem to understand.

My beloved husband....on the other very sociable and he loves partying....socializing and making new friends.

That's the way he is.

When I told him about me declining my friend's invitation to join in the fun…he said...."that doesn't're a loner. We'd be boring if we were all the same."

I enjoy being a loner. I've always been one. online life is so different to my personal one.

Many people I talk to online assume I'm confident...chatty....someone with a big personality....but in reality I'm totally different.

I have one or two friends who shake their heads at a nice way...but I can see what they're thinking.

I'm lucky though....because those friends understand me.

And now it seems....after 4 does my beloved husband...hmmm....


  1. thats ok to an extent i am too a big loner! i enjoy reflecting in my thoughts and having a life away from the real world... where everything i imagine exists and makes me feel at home!

    but sometimes i feel i am depriving myself of this world and its many beauties...

  2. Being a loner is no big deal..But not to the extent dat you like yourself or jus your own world...I would say then its wrong...
    looking for a space and keeping a little distance is nothing wrong..You shld enjoy small moments with your frendz also.
    happy Ramadan!
    God bless!

  3. Dear Thinking, I understand every word here. I like to use the term that I'm a "one to one" person yet like you have been married for many years to a husband like your's ...

    Well at least on this one thing you have us beat: took your husband only four husband of many more years still doesn't understand.

    I compromise a lot because he's just not happy without having people over quite a bit or going to group/party events.

    Sometimes, however, it's good for me to stretch and do it...and one way I can give him a loving gift...I just won't do it ALL the time...:)

    I get the feeling that quite a few on the Republic of Rumi blogsphere and those who come to our blogs are similar to us? Do you think I might be correct?

  4. Introverted much?

    I know what you mean by wanting to get invited but not intend to go anyway..

  5. nice :)
    follow me too

  6. i can very well say im like you, except for the husband part. :) im working on that. haha. :p

  7. Its ok to be a loner as long as you don't isolate yourself completely from others. You are lucky to have such an understanding husband.

  8. lOVE BEING ME <3

  9. hey it does not mattter as long as v r understood right wife is a quiet person while i talk and talk and talk...but v understand each happy that yr hubby is quite understanding..and i c u as a wonderful person..among my few dear blog friends...cheers

  10. i appreciate your husband for admitting your differences approach towards your surroundings.we all feel these differences but only few live in peace with them.

  11. Thinking,

    There is no harm being reserved but as we call ourselves SOCIAL ANIMALS it is expected out of us to interact with others as per circumstances. One may keep to oneself but it does not mean that one should not oblige friends with company when they request for the same, may not be too frequently but at times yes. It is so nice of your husband to understand and not impose his will on you.

    Take care

    PS : Left comments on previous 3 posts too.

  12. Today you are You
    That is truer than true
    There is no one alive
    Who is Youer than You

    Dr Seuss

  13. Dear All...

    Thank you so much for coming. I am honored.