Sunday, June 12, 2011

The knock


Last night.... the darkness.....

I invented a new pleasure.....

And as I was giving it the firt trial...... ANGEL and a DEVIL came rushing towards me.....

They met at my heart's door....

I stopped....and wait for one of them to knock at the door....

I know....Devil's knock means to carry I decided to open my heart's door...on Angel's knock only....

Instead....they fought with each other....over my newly created pleasure....

The one cried....."Its a sin !" -

The other laughed..."It is a virtue !"

And they kept fighting...fighting...fighting...none of them...hmm....knocked !


  1. Intriguing! What would that pleasure be, Thinking?:P

  2. Instead of waiting, you should have allowed Angel to let in asking Devil to go back.

    This happens with all; we, in our day-to-day life, wait and see good and bad quarrel and then finally, we allow powerful (Devil) to enter because by then we have no other option left with us.

    PS : These days Devils are considered powerful than Angels.

    BTW, do you know that Osama-Bin-Laden was interviewed by Ronie. Just read “Osama Grilled”, I hope you will enjoy.

    Best wishes.

  3. I left you a little comment & question on the last post. :)

    email me sometime to get back in touch, ok?

  4. lolz..yeh I know this sounds so familiar..
    happens to me angel and devil are also like this..sometimes I doze off , leaving them fighting their heads off;p

  5. hey my comment dint register r u wishes

  6. hmm...Dear All...

    Thank you so much for coming.

    I am honored.

  7. I thought Pakistan have some censor bord working in there, which ot allow such publishing, but seems everyone is free in this world now.its a mad mad mad world we are living in now.i dont have words for this i am passing it on.