Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Imaginary Love

I love mankind….but I find to my amazement that the more I love mankind as a whole...hmm....the less I love individual people.

In my thoughts I often visualize ecstatically the sacrifices I could make for mankind....hmmm....

Indeed I might even accept martyrdom for my fellow men if circumstances suddenly demanded it of me.

In actual fact...however....I cannot bear to spend two days in the same room with another person.

And this I know from personal experience....hmmm....

Whenever someone is too close to me....I feel my personal dignity and freedom are being infringed upon.

Within twenty four hours I can come to hate my room mate....perhaps because she eats too slowly or because she has a cold and keeps blowing her nose.

I become a man’s enemy as soon as he touches me...hmmm....

And just to make up for it....the more I hate individual people....the more ardent is my general love for mankind.

A true act of love....unlike imaginary hard and forbidding.

Imaginary love yearns for an immediate heroic act that is achieved quickly and seen by everyone.

People may actually reach a point where they are willing to sacrifice their long as the ordeal doesn’t last too quickly over – just like on the stage.....with the public watching and admiring.

A true act of love...hmmm....on the other hand....

Requires hard work and patience...and....for is a whole way of life.


  1. You're not the only one. It happens to me too and several others. This phase comes and goes on its own. :-)

  2. yes....its a whole way of life

  3. Dear Komal Ali...

    Thank you for assuring that I am not exceptional here....

    I am honored that you came...and gave me time.

    Thanks again.

  4. Dearest Huma....

    You have honored me by your presence...thank you so much for finding something of value in my post...I am gald you came.

    Thanks !

  5. this is strategy is with me 2 but this is the part of our life so we should passed it cheeerfully

  6. ya..its same here..when I waz studying in university I would even smallest act ,which was rude..sneezing or coughing still I despise...
    But with time I am better...and loving ur better half makes you learn with time.

  7. my innerfeeling

    Thank you for coming and giving me time.

    I am honored.

  8. Harman

    Thanks for coming. I am honored.

  9. I'm still in this phase and finding it difficult. once again, spot on!

  10. hmm....Neelma

    Thanks for coming...don't happened to all of its normal....hmm...

    I am honored.