Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blessing in Disguise !

Few days ago...someone told me that Pakistan is a cursed country....and this broke my heart...hmm...

Of course as a nation we are having the worst time...but it doesn't mean that we are being CURSED....

Allah forbid....it is a very BIG word to use for the sufferers of today....

Yeah...at times....we may look at those who face an extremely challenging journey through life and wonder:

why do they suffer so much?

Why are they going through great trial and tribulation?

What have they done to ‘deserve’ immense pain and adversity?

And Our questions need not be left unanswered.

We look to the Quran where we are told that the righteous and wise Almighty Allah is directing the path of those in the midst of a hard journey with purpose.

Allah is blessing these people through their suffering.


How can good come from pain and sorrow?

God’s ways are certainly not like our own natural ways.

For those of us who choose the road less traveled…their journey is through a harsh wilderness.

Most of us on this path experience obstacles along the way...but a few seem to suffer hardships and one setback after another through a good portion of their lives.

Ans YES....as a nation we had choose a different path...a path of our own. We strives for and worked hard and pray for our separate COUNTRY....PAKISTAN.

For whom the Lord loves, He chastens.

When someone is going through severe trial time and again...God is showing he loves this person.

My MAKER will not try us more than we can bear.

It hurts when a person is tried – being polished...shaped...sharpened and refined by tools and fire.

Is God too harsh to bring a person so near to a breaking point?

No – He is merciful and just and will not give those He loves a trial greater than they can bear.

Also...He will always provide a way to escape.

All things work together for good.

Even though we may not understand how anything good could come from pain or sorrow experienced during times of trouble...we can be sure that all will work out for God’s glory in the end.

We can pray for and encourage our fellow-sojourners who seem to be fighting a tougher fight than we are, but we need not worry.

We can be assured that those who are suffering from great and sore troubles are loved by God and have been given great strength (for their strength is made perfect in weakness).

In the end...all things will work together for good.

And....we should have faith on our Almighty Maker...hmmm....


  1. Thinking, thank you for giving a very timely post. I just wanna say one thing.

    When water is kept on fire, it decomposes to vapors or gas because it has not that capability to resist, but when Gold is kept on fire it becomes Kundan because it not only has capability to resist but to adsorb the heat and polish itself. And I am certain, that we are not water but the Gold as a Nation. Let the world experience it with us, InshAllah.

  2. Dear Urooj...what a beautiful exapmple...

    I admired you for taking the essence of topic and commenting on it...

    Thank you so much for coming...

    I am honored.

  3. This life is nothing but a test, if we were not to be tested then we would rather have been not sent to this place called earth and would have enjoyed bliss of paradise. As this is not the case and we are in a testing time hence the severity of test means elevation, a muscle that is used beyond its strength raptures and heals up to gain more strength and more mass. This is what happens with everything that under goes a physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual test.

  4. hmmm...Dar Sahib...

    Thank you so much.

    Yes..this life is a test...

    Thanks for coming I am honred.

  5. Words of wisdom and hope backed by the glorious Quranic references, and what excellent expression of thoughts. I agree with your opinion partially.

  6. hmm...Floydian...

    Thank you so much.

    I am honored that you joined me.