Monday, September 13, 2010

Friends Indeed !

This is Angelina Jolie, The Goodwill Ambassador of UNHCR.....and a world known 34 years old actress.

She visited the Pakistan on 7 September 2010 for three days.

"It's clear this crisis is far from over," she said. "People have lost everything: their homes, their belongings, their crops and cattle, and their livelihoods. Long after the cameras have gone, people will be struggling to rebuild their lives."

"One problem does not negate the other, one headline should not pull focus from the many complexities of the situation in Pakistan," said the Goodwill Ambassador, stressing the need for continuing efforts to support those in need.

But this is not the only person working for Pakistan. There are lot of other people who are using their individual capacity to work for displaced due to the recent flood in Pakistan.

One among them is Dr Hina, Urooj, Rizwan and Komal...along with other friends.

Though they didn't named their group yet but Urooj has developed a new blog for their activities which you can follow on the link :

And I after reading and following their activities would say that what Urooj has said about her blog could be best suited name for their group too...... Friends Indeed !

Yes...they are the Friends Indeed who always welcome friends in need.....Good thing about their group is...they have not only the male doctors but female doctors too. They carry not only the food but medicine too.

I just met Urooj and happy to hear about their recent both Rizwan and Urooj told me about their future plans....

They want funding and resources to make rehabilitation plans and to give shelters(ready made tents) which can serve as a short term home until they can go back to their own lands.

My beloved husband has agreed to help Urooj and her team to get their small - self made NGO registered with Pakistan Government so that they can expand their activities.

I have nothing much to offer to her....for which I felt sorry....but I promised her to promote and to find someone to provide us TENTS.

I hope best for Urooj and others in Friends Indeed team and wish them all the luck.


  1. My heart goes out to Pakistan.

  2. Thanks , Hajra.....
    for appreciating our minor efforts. Its nothing. We have to do lot more to pull them out from the despair and grave crisis.
    Thanks, for helping us in promoting fund movement.As , we do need it.

  3. Thinking, I must say it's what we can expect from your side, helping in a way nobody can does. Yes, we have a lot of plans for the rehabilitation of these victims, not only now but the time when the water will be back from the affected areas and they would have to rehabilitate themselves.

    And so, We need funds and I want to request people through this platform who want to and who can donate, Please join our hands.

  4. Thinking, this encouragement means us a lot in continuing our efforts.. as Hena said minor efforts.. But we are determined to do more, as much as we can, inshaAllah!

    Thank you so much for your support. Keep backing us!

  5. Dear All...thank you so much for coming.

    I am trying best to do something for this cause and will Inshallah come up with some least I am praying for your hard work all the time.


    Thanks alot. I am honored.