Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pakistan Army!

“Never forget that you are the servants of the state. You do not make policy. It is we, the people’s representatives, who decide how the country is to be run. Your job is only to obey the decisions of your civilian masters.”

This was said by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to the group of army personnel on 14 August 1947 in the lawns of the Governor-General’s House.

Obviously, the Quaid’s words did not have any effect on Akbar Khan (Major General) present in the meeting, who a few years later, tried to topple the government of Liaquat Ali Khan in what came to be known as the “Rawalpindi Conspiracy” case.

This attempt has been repeated a number of times since and has been successful on at least four occasions since the Quiad had uttered those words in Karachi.

I am sorry to say that since the birth of Pakistan, we had an organized army but no political leadership conversant with statecraft.

It is, therefore, not surprising that the political leadership found itself at the mercy of bureaucrats and the military, and with the passage of time their vulnerability increased.

And that is the case even today, that’s why few of the politicians are seeking Army to come forward. When country is in need and we are asking for help from almost every country of the world, why not seek help from Pakistan Army?

This had happened before when Air Marshal M Asghar Khan wrote to Pakistan Army to come forward and took the charge of Pakistan, because he believed that rigging took place in 1977 elections.

Some of political personnel criticized M Asghar Khan for writing this letter, which they believed invited the armed forces to take over the governance of the country.

Army is under the oath to obey the “lawful commands of their superior officer”. But to differentiate between a “lawful” and an “unlawful” command is the duty of every officer.

By keeping the check on Army, and giving them lawful exercises we can use them for betterment of Pakistan since they are not involved in battlement (nowadays).

I don’t understand that why our politicians feel so insecure under the shadow of Army while I believe the citizen find themselves more secure in presence of Armed Forces?

The reason…is same….our politicians lack the credibility…and that’s why they don’t want anyone to come forward to help Pakistan as if once someone do good job here will be enlighten to the citizen and it would ruin their business.


  1. Hmm..I was and would never be a supporter of democracy in Pakistan.
    Dictators,all of the past ones,kept a strong foreign policy.

  2. Well, i don't feel secure in Pakistan whether my country is in the shadow of Army or unDer the umbrella of politicians.
    It is simply this that i don't trust anyone here.Whoever comes here to rule the country, comes with a hidden desire of looting it.
    We have seen working of army as a ruling party and we are now seeing democratics too! in both the cases,Pakistan did not prosper as it should!
    I want new blood to come forward with fresh ideas, let these old brats stay aside!

  3. Politicians wouldn't want army to take over because then they won't get to loot the puclic and the country's reserves!! They won't get to sell policies and trade routes. They would be jailed for all their crimes...and so on.
    At this very moment, army could make it all a little better because these fat ass politicians won't let any civilian take over.

  4. Nicely written ! Corruption is in every department of our country and so it is in the military too ...
    But then again army is doing the job any of us can't do ! Risking their lives on border guess that's above all !

  5. Thinking,

    Good article. Political leaders themselves write letters to GHQ, begging them to take over. The military is the most formidable and autonomous political actor in Pakistan, capable of influencing the nature and direction of political change. Army is the only enlightened institution. The picture in your article reflects that enlightening culture of equality, equal opportunities, merit, and empowerment of women and minorities. Let me also say that no financial corruption exists in army.

    Pakistan needs strong, visionary and honest leadership that has managerial experience and knowledge of modern technology. It needs patriotic bureaucracy and skilled manpower. And no doubt Pakistan Army has all these ingredients to run this cursed country.

  6. hmmm....Syeda Zehra....if talk about Foriegn Policy...than Bhutto was the only politician....democratic....people's leader...who had a strong foriegn policy.

    Heads of so many countries liked him so much that they refer him as their friend...

    But ofcourse...human makes mistakes....

    Our Army has nothing to do with Foriegn is the public of Pakistan responsibility to choose a person capable to accommodate every country in their policy.

    I am not in fovour of ARMY government too....but seeing our politician's selfishness....I think...

    Army can be the way out....

    Thanks for droping by and glad to have you on my blog. I am honored.

  7. hmmm....Dear ReeBz....

    Thank you so much for coming.

    Old brats are not always wrong deari....

    What we need is a person or a group of people who can have a constant CHECK on who ever the government is....

    And that CHECK is only common people like you and me....

    If we start taking our VOTES seriously...only then our country prosper....

    All of us should have a sense to select sensible person to rule over us....we shoud not VOTE on the basis of pity or instructions....

    VOTES are my own personal responsibility and I shoud take it seriously....

    Even...if new blood come many of us has the sense to select a new person?


    What we need is AWAIRENESS and a bit sense too...miracle would happen....

    Thanks again.

  8. Closed Eyes....first of all thank you for joining me.

    Yes...thats what I belive too...otherwise who would oppose someone if come forward to help...?

    Anyways....May Allah bless this country and safe us all...Ameen.

    Thanks again...I am honored.

  9. In my country its the opposite.. The politicians have so much power with no sense that they are playing with our Jawans' lives..

    There were times when Army Recommended our Government not to go to war when it is not needed but foolish politicians stood on waging war and there were times when Government said to abort operations when it was critically needed for long term solution because of which thousands of innocent lives are being taken every year.

    All the battles that our Army has lost and the battles they are still fighting are because of the foolishness of the political leadership tree till its root.

    Adding to this is the instability in the governments - Politicians are worried on how to make money in their tenure than to concentrate on the progress, policies and peace with neighbors and at the nth moment they make stupid decisions, the consequences of which the soldiers and citizens have to bear!

  10. was just a thought and I know not every thought is accomplish-able.....

    And yes....I have respect for our Army for not only risking their life for us but giving the best part of their life (youth) to this country.

    Thanks for your coming.

  11. Floydian...thank you so much for joining.

    I am honored by your comment.

    Yes...I have been thinking on the same line too...actually why Army has strong leadership power and why people have faith on them because their Generals and other high ranked people are used to MANAGE the MANPOWER....they know how to deal with every human being on his way...they have sense of giving everyone importance one require...and this is because they gone thorugh all the require to MANAGE...

    And our POLITICIANS...lack such managerial training anf that is why they are not good leader....

    I think...we shoud make a deal with PEOPLE and ARMY that if anyone want to start career as a POLITICIAN he or she shoud serve in ARMY for such such period and should be able to maintain their grades....

    May be after period of hard work and routine they become good people and person on which we can trust....?

    hmm...well...just a thought again.

    Thanks anyway....

  12. Dear Dumbere...thank you for coming and thank you for being transparent....

    We all were dont worry...we know how our politician and leaders are....

    Since the HINDUSTAN...we have faced unneccessary battles...and unsensible changiing of governments...

    India...Sub-continent....was the richest continent of the world...its vast area and cultures and its richness of all kind of wealth has provoked west greed....but long ago before this west greed awaken....WE...the Sub-Continent people were fighting each other for kingdom and money it had....

    Your country get birth from the same as well as mine set of mind.

    Thanks alot for coming dear.

    I am honored.

  13. Taking votes seriously is a big joke for me!!Cause here in Pakistan no one counts whom you vote and whose votes were maximum. Pakistan has always enjoyed puppert government whose orders come from America! First america wanted mushi,so he came and then Zardari.. You know that there are only few Sindhis who are in favour of Zardari and who love him, but what about the rest of the population? Punjab is such a big city and i can guarantee it then none of punjabi would have voted for Zardari! but you see he is still here, on our heads, ruling us brutally..........
    This is Pakistan, only unexpected things DO happen!!

  14. punjab is such a big province*

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  16. I absolutely agree, with the exception of Z Bhutto, the rest of them (civilian or army rulers) have been nothing more than mere paper pushers for the white house. Including Musharraf.

    Ironically, ZB's much celebrated martyred daughter, Benazir, during one of her reigns in the past, was also pushing for Pakistan's Uranium Enrichment Program to be rolled off. However, she was told to mind her own business by the army officials concerned and that was the end of that.

    So much so for strong foreign policies.

  17. Dear Connie...

    Thanks for coming and thanks for your time.

    I am jotting down my views and words and will write you soon. I am sorry that I am not keeping in touch though you have mentioned it so many times before too.

    Hopefully you will not mind...

    Thanks again. I am honroed.

  18. hmmm...Dear Leviathan

    Thank you for coming and taking time out.

    I am honored.