Thursday, August 26, 2010

Philippines mourns !

Few days ago Khurrum Ali Shafique Sahib sent me news link and said that we should keep in touch with other country’s grief too.

There was an angry policeman – Mendoza- in MANILA, Philippines cause he lost his job…I think he was not only angry…but deadly angry.

15 tourists from Hong Kong stepped in the bus as hostages to fortune because the same bus was taken as a hostage by that angry policeman.

While the government was busy in botched negotiations with the angry policeman...he killed 8 out of the 15 tourists one by one.

For some personal reason…this tiny news article on the Yahoo News (htt:// made me very sad:

A heartbreaking picture emerged of the victims — a mother of three who lost her husband and two daughters, a teenager oblivious of her parents' death and a tour guide who aspired to become a yoga teacher.

"I thought I would fight for survival so I could take care of my children, but two of them have already died," a sobbing Ng said Tuesday.

Philippine Interior Secretary Jessie Robredo, who is in charge of the national police, acknowledged Tuesday there were problems with how the crisis was handled.

He added, "All the inadequacies happened at the same time."

I don’t want to talk about how Hong Kong’s sorrow evolved into the outrage and how deeply the officials of Philippines government felt the damage this incident would bring to their tourist industry…all of them seems to concern about the unfortunate incident.

But what satisfied me is that the angry policeman was shot dead by one sniper (obviously a government officer)…had it been in Pakistan…the killer would have been easily loosen away.

My condolences to the bereaved.


  1. First, I'm quite moved that the suggestion was made to keep in touch with other countries griefs as well. Then, as you follow through on this and point out the personal aspects of the people whom you write about here, I am once again aware that this is how people are moved. Prayerfully more and more personal stories will be told to move the world to give support to Pakistan at this the best possible ways.

  2. Dear Connie....thank you so much for coming.

    I am honored.