Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Miracle of Sunrise !

Today I got up early and sat before my open bedroom window and watched the sun rise up above the near by buildings and trees.

Its light was softly glowing long before it actually could be seen…and then…suddenly…it burst forth upon the building tops…down into the streets and into my window to shine across the room in such a radiant way that one could not help but feel the warmth shine right into the deepest parts of the heart.

It reminded me of another kind of sunrise:

The sunrise that broke through one of the darkest and deepest moments of our life…for which all the Pakistani life is waiting….hmm.

The sunrise that came slowly at first…so much so that I could hardly dare to hope it would ever really come…and then…as if in time with a great unknown orchestra…it broke forth…sending its bright and warming rays to the farthest corners of my heart.

It did not take all the pain away…no…for pain is not a part of darkness…but the darkness…the deep black that blinded our eyes from seeing beyond the moment…was gone.

And as I sat…quietly thinking of the road that I had travelled in the dark…I realized that it is true.

Had it not been for the darkness…I could never have rejoiced as I do now in the breaking forth of the sunrise.

Had there not been moments when…by faith…I held on to what I knew was there but could not see…the sunrise would be but commonplace and ordinary.

It was then I realized that:

“We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness.” ~unknown

My Maker has promised that every dark night has an end.

There will be a sunrise…a glorious…beautiful sunrise someday.

It might seem like the night will never end. Perhaps some of us…Pakistani thinks that they’ll only see the glorious dawning in the place where He makes all things beautiful...all wrongs right...but let me asure you that the morning will come.

The darkest is before the dawn.

Just hold on a little longer…my dear country-fellow because the morning is coming…and the sunrise will be worth it all.


  1. hmmm....Happy Independence Day to you too...Dumberer...

    May Allah bless our countries and show us the way to friendship...loyalty and peace. Ameen.

  2. Beautifully written. :)
    I'm not sure when there will be sunshine, but I hope to witness it before my demise.

  3. hmm...Inshallah Komal Ali...we will see it...

    Thanks for coming !

  4. The morning is coming...

    Surely it is there, no doubt about it. Dear country fellow, we all are here to share each others pain, grief and the moments of delight which we rarely see in your eyes and we will together see the Sunrise inshaAllah!

    May Allah bless Pakistan! Ameen

  5. hmmm...Dear Komal Khan..with youth like you...we will rise again..Inshallah....

    I am happy that you take time out of your busy schedule to read my post..thank you so much for coming...

  6. Such a brilliant way of describing the emotions we feel in the depth of our Heart, really an amazing post. and very true, we can only enjoy sun-rise when we have gone through the dark of Night. How can the marvels of light be realized by us when we have never waited for them in dark. So in a way Darkness helps us by helping us 'realize' the need of light and making us appreciate the 'Beauties' it holds.
    a wonderful post indeed :)

  7. Love and adoration which was the forte of the ANNIVERSARY MONTH’S post has shone so remarkably here showing us that love has many dimensions.

  8. Thnx for ur coments earlier! read ur post today and really there is a strength in your writing..indeed the sun will rise ..and the hope is there they say that never lose hope..and keep trying..we have a long way to go but inshalah we will get there. Congratulations on a beautiful piece of work..and hapy independence to both my indian and pakistani brothers and sisters. Keep up the good work! Peace =)

  9. In comment to this, i am feeling like sharing a poem here, which is a complete poetry picture pf your beautiful poetic thoughts and prose :)

    Whatever you cross,whatever you pain,
    There will always be a sunshine,after the rain.

    Perhaps you may stumble,perhaps even fall,
    But,Allah is always ready to answer your call.

    He knows every heartache,sees every tear,
    A word from him,can calm every fear.

    your sorrows may linger,throughout the night,
    but,suddenly vanish in dawns early night.

    Whatever you cross,whatever you pain.
    Allah always send the sunshine after the rain..

    In the end, Yes, hope is the thing for which we can believe now, but one should have strong faith on Allah :)

  10. Namrah nice of you to read and take time for my writing....

    Yes ou are right...Darkness helps in its own way....only one needs to take the lesson right...

    Thanks alot for coming. I am honored.

  11. Dar Sahib...thank you for your comment....

    I am always feel good when you managed to come to my posts...thanks alot for your support during all these months....

    I am honored.

  12. Dear S....thanks for coming....

    Peace is a universal message....and peace can bring the worst enemies together...peace is the only way to live up and down of the nature...

    hmmm...thanks for such lovely message....


    I am honored.

  13. Dear ReeBz...

    What a pleasent surprise to see our young...energetic writer on my blog....

    I am so happy to see you...your poem is very good and I liked it so much....

    Thanks for taking out time....

  14. Dear Thinking, This poem is not by me, i just wanted to share it :) it is by some unknown writer..

  15. Just read this post filled with such trust and radiance. One of my favorite songs has been:

    "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

    Many different musicians do this so beautifully!

    This is a nice resolution to so many other aspects of your meditations and daily descriptions.

  16. Dear Connie....dearest Friend...thanks alot.

    I am still under presure of my limited access to internet...

    So please don't mind my posting replies late...

    Thanks alot again for coming. I really appreciate your presence.