Wednesday, November 25, 2009

KESC - Vision and Values !

Did anyone of you had a close look at KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Company), new bill?

It includes a line saying, "Hum bijli churatay hain tabhi hamaray bachay school mein garmi say bay-haal hotay hain".

Which means, " We steel electricity that is why our children suffocate in school due to lack of it".

This line while embark the new rage in me at the same time gave me new hilarious joke to share and to talk about with whoever I know....hmm

What a customer service.....hmmm....KESC is accusing all its customer of steeling and at the same time giving all the thieves the reason of their suffering

Even though I usually not satisfied with the settlements of my electricity bill, they always take my breath away and make me speechless, I always paid the dues before deadline.

And I know so many who have the same practice.

And if some of us do have electricity by unfair means it does not gives KESC the right to call me thief .

Besides, why we have monthly METER READER, came to check and make a record of our meter reading? Is he blind? Cant he judge that who is steeling and who is not? I mean that's what I heard that mostly people do something with their Electricity meter to run slow so cant a professional can figure it out? Cant he see wrong dimensions of electric wire going from one house to other? Are these wrong connections are so easy to pass by and never get noticed?

But no....he will not because :

a) He don't care....and
b) Owner of that meter bribed him to keep his eyes and mouth close.

Basically, it is not KESC customer fault, it is KESC negligence and laxity and besides accepting their own laziness and failure of doing their job properly they include a line on the monthly bill.

Bravo !

It seems like a slap on my face that even though I am paying every month more than three thousand to KESC....just to have a calm night sleep.....I am a thief. And that's what their VISION AND VALUES are..... now what I did this time...I include a line on that part of the bill which going to receive by KESC that says, " I don't steel electricity" .

hmmm......what a customer service.....baahh !


  1. yes, most people in Karachi do not steal. BUT many do. The advert is aimed at them. why do you think that the advert is aimed at you?

    yes the lineman is bribed. yes the meter reader is bribed. so complain (SPEAK UP campaign by KESC). register an FIR. stop blaming those people trying to solve the problem.

  2. hmmm....thank you for your comment. So honored.

    I will try to follow your instructions. Thanks again.

  3. This Crupt Government and KESC is the cause of this crim 'Bijli chori'. Inspite of giving bills in thousands which is really extra-oridanry to a average income man, still face loadsheding.

  4. Dear Sarmad

    Sorry that I saw your comment so late.

    I am honored that you visit.

    Thank you so much.