Thursday, November 12, 2009

Moved on !

With every passing day, you this what it is to be in a global village?

We’re all connected, by mail or phone...We’re always there when someone needs us!

Yet, we’re not with each other!

The keyboard is a wonderful instrument to type, and the mouthpiece an excellent device to talk.

Yet the feel is missing, the touch is lost!

You keep reminiscing the days of the past.

It is not that you are in denial, it is just that you are in a state where there is something missing! Behind all the separation though, there still is hope!

The Hand that is painting the picture is too benevolent and mysterious for us to understand.

All we know is that the picture will be a beautiful one.

As I keep saying, the larger picture is always nice!

This is just a momentary divergence; the journey will continue, and roads will converge once again!

After all, the streams have to meet at the river!

The streams gush forward, the river is calm!

The lashing against the rocks will continue till we get to the river.

Patience will get us there, after which...there will be pure bliss.


  1. Thank you for bringing a pleasant needed smile and a reminder of the prophetic faith and understanding of Allama Iqbal. This reminds me also of Marzieh's poetry - whom I miss very much. Are you there?

  2. Dear Connie....


    I did visited Marzieh's blog but couldn't mark my appearences as sometimes I dont find good words to praise justifyably.

    I am so honored to have your comment.


  3. You are certainly deserving of that and more. And related, go to Psc. M. discussion to see my short last. And watch for something along this line from Noman.

  4. Dear Connie...

    Replied on literature topic in Psc.M.


    "And watch for something along this line from Noman" ????

  5. Oh, sorry - I misread Noman's special gifts...maybe later...OR, if you are still curious, email me: for an Off Topic literature discussion with just a few on Iqbal....

    I just went and saw your pertinent comment to mine and made another right under yours.

  6. hmmm....I again replied to your two posts in PSY.M.

    Thanks and I will write to you soon. hmmm...

    I really am thankful for your time.

    Thanks again.