Sunday, November 1, 2009

What I learned ?

When something....anything....liked by your heart it means there is something good in it. Your heart is better judge then your mind/brain.

Cause brain/mind always works with information...experiment...and finally knowledge....or...experience. It never accepts the theory. It always tries to fix every picture with set of reason. It can't just work on imaginations/illusions. It always want you to give examples so that it can reason your experience.

Also...brain can't wait. It just want you to give the reason and do not allow to wait for the correct time.

It don't accept the fate.

Always tries to make people look into the back to see what might cause this or that. While we can easily get away with our failures or misfortunate events by just exclaiming that, " was my fate to be a failure and I want to be a good failure because it does not matter what you do...the matter is how you do it. So even failure should respect their failure and try their best to be a good failure. "

And just because haunting of our mind we die-try (well this word is invented by me to tell people when they don't believe that how much I tried but couldn' to find the cause of our failure and than start blaming other people when we cant find any reason. And become exhausted.

I remember when I started reading Ibn-e-Safi (Imran ) was my favourite...while Capt Faridi was OK but he was too too accountant type of person (you know one plus one equals to two). Anyways...I always love to read Ibn-e-Safi....WHY???

Because all of his stories has a hero who never dies. That hero (Imran/Capt Faridi) was our HOPE....hope of good future. So whenever I finished any of the story I felt good inside. Cause I had HOPE to buy another book in which I will find same Imran again.

That time I was a little mind was on developing stage and I was free....I have not seen the dark side of life. I was in the lovable family. And I was reading all those stories in which I have a never dying hope.

I saw few of the Waheed Murad's movies but whenever I did I felt good inside. Because he also have a hero always with a good character and filled with love not for only selected people but for all of the humanity. Those movies also un-noticeably developed that HOPE phenomena inside me.

I, when entered my practical life....I saw partiality...I bear dirty politics....I over estimated human and under estimated love. Which ruined best years of my life but even though when I was broken I had a hope. Hope of time that it would pass and I will gain myself again.

What I meant by "I felt good inside" is by liking of my heart. Those things were liked by my heart.

And until yesterday in Iqbal discussion session, I was unable to look for a reason of my heart liking.

Because I was afraid of my heart and mind to think on one subject. I do like Imran but if I talk to my heart it would say....good....Imran is good. But my mind would is human can save himself from machine gun bullets like Imran did. No one in this world have this authority like Imran has...and so many other reasons. Cause mind always works on reason.

So I used to afraid of taking out my liking for anything if it is liked by heart. But now I can....because heart always likes hope....happy ending....happily live ever after and so on.

I can say this to my mind that because THIS got a HOPE in it....I gonna like it.

When I saw WM movie clip with everyone in the session and than we start exploring those things...I said to my self that just because I was afraid of giving the reasons to my mind I just ignore the whole idea or moral of the movie. What I did was just watch the movie while our mind was sleeping. That's why I couldn't actually see it. I just watch it. And over looked every essence of the moral.

So now I learned that heart likes I should wake up my mind to work on it so that I can see the reasons of my liking.

hmmm....also I learned that I should get rid of all the HABIB JALIB books because they are too much onto my husband. (Believe me I am not jealous).

And....Shafique Sahib is a very good SALEMAN....hmm...he when was giving me his book told me that I am getting it on sale rate as if I purchase it from market I would've had to pay more.

hmm....very very interesting and informative session.