Thursday, November 5, 2009

Patriotic, Me !

Last night....we were late and by the time we left for our home it was almost quarter to three. Whole of Karachi was in deep sleep but the big empty and open roads of Karachi were shining and were like smiling at their travellers (which means US of course).

I always adore ALLAH is marvelous in making of such a contrasting flavour during the 24 hours of single day???? I like night...its the best flavour of the day...Allah made it for us to find peace in it. It brings peace and calmness. But I always find sadness in it. Dark sadness....sadness which makes you slow...which can bring tears in your eyes and you don't even need to hide them as it is DARK all around you.

So my inner darkness...sadness was trying to mingle with the out side darkness. And I started enjoying it.

I said to my heart...let go your darkness...whatever is in you...let it out....

And here it comes.....

Few days ago....I read two great writers.

a) Khalid Hosseini - Afghanistan
b) Khalil Gibran - Lebanon.

The interesting thing I found in both of them was that even after living in other country than their own they both felt the strong sense of belonging to their country.

Both of them moved to US in their childhood, the age where changing places is a way of enjoyment. And children are very flexible and don't find it hard also to settle in the new place.

Even than growing in a country where they gain every luxury and good education. Though they got new nationality but they didn't loose their patriotism. They loose their nationality and had a new one but didn't lost the desire of belonging to their own nation.

Both of them are in their writings someway or somehow sang the beauty of their beloved country. You may find yourself seeing their beautiful country from their eyes. Even war is going on in their and shattered her (their countries) beauty. Even than they both find her beautiful and very proudly described her nights...days...cultures...seasons...fruits...innocent people...hmm

I don't want to be the one like them.....hmm ! (believe me it doesn't mean that I dare not to become a great writer)

hmm....they sang the ballads of their country....enchanted ballads and mind capturing songs....

But how sad that....that they have lost her....hmmm....

I don't want to be a person who suddenly become so possessive of a thing which already out of reach.

I don't want to be a person who is loyal but has no one to be faithful with.

I was thinking...about my own PAKISTAN. I adore you my beloved one and how lovely you are in my eyes.

You are the only reason of my cherishing...aspirations and my own separate identity. I have a nationality because of you. I belong to you and it makes me so proud all the time.

I want to be patriotic towards you - my beloved PAKISTAN.

Allah forbid....if something happens to you - my beloved Pakistan....may be I will be the one who would die in the crash or may be somehow fly towards other country and will become like the above two. I will always sing the ballads but would always feel hollow inside. There would be no charm or any enchantment in them.

But I don't want to sing such hollow ballads of you. I want to be faithful and loyal to you while you are alive and I am living in you. I don't want to feel miserable when I talk about you.

So my dear...beloved Pakistan...I prayed and will keep praying for you...MAY ALLAH GIVES YOU LONG HAPPY LIFE. As you are not only important for me their will be more after me who would need to feel the same belonging towards you - beloved country...hmmm


  1. May Allah give Pakistan long happy life. Ameen.

  2. Your post is itself a Ballad in prose which reflects your deep love and loyalty.

    Sometimes when I think about this land, poetry of Nasir Kazmi comes in my mind which is sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan 'Ghum hai ya Khushi hai tu meri Zindagi hai tu'...

    I must say its a national song to me.

    'Meri Raat ka charagh meri neend bhi hai tu'... 'Doston k darmian wajh-e-Dosti hai tu'...

    This word Pakistan has an intrinsic quality to be cherished!!!

    This land has come to stay forever and peace till the Dawn...

  3. hmm...thanks Komal.

    Whatever you said explain what you think of Pakistan.

    I hope our patriotism remain same forever.

  4. Very well written. The night part was too deep for me.

  5. hmm...Umer Sultan honored to have your comments.