Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Statue

Once there lived a man among the hills who possessed a statue wrought by an ancient master. It lay at his door face downward and he was not mindful of it.

One day there passed by his house a man from city, a man of knowledge, and seeing the staue he inquired of the owner if he would sell it.

The owner laughed and said, "And pray who would want to buy that dull and dirty stone ?"

The man from the city said, "I will give you this piece of silver for it."

And the other man was astonished and delighted.

The statue was removed to the city, upon the back an elephant.

And after many moons the man from the hills visited the city, and as he walked the streets he saw a crowd before a shop, and a man with a loud voice was crying,

"Come ye in and behold the most beautiful, the most wonderful statue  in all the world. Only two silver pieces to look upon this most marvelous work of a master."

Thereupon the man from the hills paid two silver pieces and entered the shop to see the statue that he himself had sold for one piece of silver.

~Khalil Gibran~


  1. He said it !
    the virtues in our heart that we discard mindlessly (deeming them of no use) appear as valuable assets when seen possessed by others ...

  2. Value is relative isn't it?

  3. This gives me so much to think about :-).

  4. one has business mentality while the other one is simple and naive.
    The purpose of the Creator (GOD)is to generate commercial activity by doing this.
    If everyone starts thinking appropriately then 'counter-thinking' is hard to find.

  5. Greetings,

    Thank you for this. I very much like Khalil Jibran.

    All good wishes,


  6. Thinking,

    We are not aware of virtues we possess and in the bargain we pay double the price.

    Take care