Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shake well before use

But I didn’t follow the instructions very well…

That’s why when I started painting my kitchen wall the color was cream…
but by the middle of the wall the color became ORANGE and when I finished…the color was somewhat…hmm….RED.

Since I was so absorbed in next plan to take out all the things from my bedroom and paint it myself…I didn’t notice that I have started painting cream and end at red.

Though I asked my beloved husband to buy dark orange color for the kitchen and when I opened the paint box I scolded him for not getting what I asked and he showed me the COLOR mentioned on the box…which was clearly ORANGE (1013) and then we cursed the paint shop salesman for not given us the correct color.

But then the cursing went to the FACTORY owner/worker since it must be their fault not to mention the correct color on the box…yeah…?

So I have the color in mind was CREAM…and dreamed while painting that how would my guests will take my kitchen and my bedroom with same color…hmmm….

It took me three days to explain and to tame my beloved husband that in these days we can’t afford professional painter for re-painting our small kitchen and bedroom…as we only wanted our walls to be re-painted since its EID festival due and everyone likes to see their house glittering clean.

I thought that just re-painting the kitchen and bedroom walls would do the trick…but you never know…what lies in your future?....yeah….

And….we haven’t just stopped there….we had CREAM color for my bedroom….since we have four long walls…I took two boxes of CREAM color…when I started painting my bedroom the color was CREAM of course…and glittering type (when I afterwards took the expert advise the color called….GLOSS ENAMEL…which does not look bad…rather I liked it) but the other CREAM was of DISTEMBER type which is not glossy….hmm….

But I don’t mind that since it has a blessing in it too…because when I sleep and there is dark in my bedroom…I can clearly see my beloved husband in lounge on my bedroom’s shiny wall…hmmm….

Which means…that the other part of the room has no enamel paint…I am sure my beloved husband couldn’t see me watching him.

So…I had another good funny story (since that’s how my Sister-In-Law put it) for my relatives with the EID treats and a house with different color walls....hmmm....


  1. The salesman was supposed to do shaking in the machine. So the color becomes a good blend. Afterwards you just have to use a stick to stir it over and over in order to avoid any surprises.
    Well your story is very interesting; gives us good lesson for tolerating hectic activity of paint.
    I hate it.

  2. Ignorance is bliss :)
    Loved this post of yours. Despite the unexpected outcome you could see the humour in it and enjoy :)

  3. biks///haha..(this is adults comment) our school restroom the boys had scribbled this same headline of yours hahaha

  4. its like 3 in 1.... a nice experiment... it could be the next fashion thing in town :)

  5. There's something about even the smallest adventures and learning aspects which brings us each and all "back to earth" and to learn how we are all in many respects beginners.

    Same time, yes, that salesman didn't do his job of mixing and you may have a good case for some free paint should you want?

    Yet mixing painting and writing is something few can do. You are a rare exception.

  6. hmmm....Dear All....

    Thank you so much for coming.

    I am honored.

  7. Thinking,

    Please remember JISKAA KAAM USIKO SAAJE, AUR KARE TO DEENGAA BAAJE. Anyway things did not turn out so bad as you can at least keep an eye on your Better Half. LOL .

    Take care

  8. hmm...dear Jack..thanks for coming.

    I am honored.