Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sharia Law and the Constitution

On November 2, 2010, Oklahoma voters approved a ballot initiative that would forbid state courts from considering Islamic law, otherwise known as Sharia law, in reaching decisions.

Six days later, a federal judge temporarily blocked the law from going into effect while she considers a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality.

Muneer Awad, an Oklahoma Muslim and executive director of the state’s Council on Islamic-American Relations (CAIR) filed suit last month against Oklahoma’s recently approved ballot measure that bans Sharia law in the state.

Mr. Awad says it is all about his “constitutional rights,” and a ban on international law and Sharia Law is “an enduring condemnation of Islam.”

After Awad’s lawsuit, a judge put a temporary restraining order on the law, and in a hearing on November 22nd extended the injunction, which expires November 29th.
Reason behind the ban:
In the November 2010 election, Oklahoma voters approved a referendum (officially known as State Question 755) that would add one new paragraph to the Oklahoma Constitution.
Among other things, that paragraph states, quoted:
The courts shall not look to the legal precepts of other nations or cultures. Specifically, the courts shall not consider international law or Sharia law.
Reason behind the Law suit:
The Islamic community in Oklahoma has complained about the past actions of the state legislature, including a proposal to forbid Muslim women from wearing head garments in driver's license photos and refusing to accept a Koran from a Muslim advisory council at an official state ceremony.
Proponents of the anti-Islamic law measure have cited a New Jersey family court judge's decision not to grant a restraining order to a woman who was sexually abused by her Moroccan husband and forced repeatedly to have sex with him.
The judge ruled that her ex-husband felt he had behaved according to his Muslim beliefs and that he did not have "criminal desire to or intent to sexually assault" his wife.
Muneer assures Oklahomans that there is no "threat of an Islamic takeover of state courts." He also states that Oklahoma is singling out Islam.
Therefore, not allowing Sharia to dictate law is against his First Amendment rights.
It’s a fascinating case and- -in my opinion- -not a slam dunk for either side.
But even if the law is upheld, it could lead to some strange consequences.
We’ll find out more as Awad’s lawsuit makes its way through the courts.
Sources: Fox News & Internet.


  1. Leave oklahoma-see whats happening in our own country.

    The country which was made on the name of Islam,the country for which thousands and thousands of people sacrificed their lives and a piece of land similar to Madina is now a place where we hear that Islam has nothing to do with Laws, State and religion shopuld always stay separate etc etc.
    Our beloved authorities want to end Blasphemy laws.They want everyone to insult our prophet amd our religion.

    At such time what do you expect from non-Muslims?They acn rule their country the way they want.. Now issues are much more conflicting then the right of just covering head...

  2. Dear ReeBz...thanks for taking out time.

    We can protect our Islamic values and Law by the same way...Muneer Awad has...

    By filling the petition....

    The community where people can't block or avoid a INTERNET site...needs more shaking than just mere words on few sites (where people decided to tallk about the issues)...


  3. ...moreover...I strongly believe that Pakistan should amend the "Blasphemy laws" considering the mis-use of every law and rule in our Country.

  4. Dear Sisters,

    You are both courageous and careful in your reporting and your discussion.

    I'm glad you brought up this article, Thinking, as I've missed this conflict and am certainly concerned. I feel for anyone living in Oklahoma which is a rough place for human rights as have been many of our southern cities as well.

    Dialogue is quite needed in all. You two are some of the most helpful in that regard. I have been reading all sides on the blasphemy laws and here again there are some approaches which include the law, the protection of Islamic values and may also help save the life of a poor illiterate woman and her family. Her argument with another may have gotten out of hand but from what I've read there were clear misunderstandings weighted in favor of those who had the most power.

    I despise any disrespect at all by anyone. Yet and at the same time both our religions and our values teach the sanctity of human life and what our children see us do. Which is why we MUST dialogue in order to help save our world. As we all know, from the US media, facts are often not treated properly by our journalists and TV hosts.

  5. Dear Connie...thank you so much for coming.

    I was about to ask you more about the Constitution vs Shariah Law case...as I could not find the latest details anywhere.

    However, for the Blasphemy case....I don't even get the logic in that...

    One place...when government is banning FACEBOOK for drawing our beloved Prophet (PBUH) cartoons (God forbid...our public get united to claim against the government policies and disregard the decision....

    On the other hand...when there is a POOR/UNPROTECTED/UN-HELPED woman's life is at stake...everyone is forcing government to hang her to death....

    I wonder...what kind of respect to our RELIGION and PROPHET (PBUH) we are showing to people of the world?

    Where is our HUMAN VALUES and respecting the other religions in our country?

    Are we giving other religions the enough space to breath here???....I don't think so.

    Pakistan....is not only for ISLAM...we are bound to accomodate other religions too...and yes...we have a bit upper hand on them...but it does not mean that we start hanging the poor people...just because some...MUSLIM said that the poor lady has said something wrong about our Prophet (PBUH) -God Forbid.

    My Allah is much on higher level and HE is listening to everyone here....why not leave this case to ALLAH and leave the poor woman alone?

    hmm....now I am angry....

    This is the same way...where MEN were killing the innocent women by labeling them as KARI...

    I mean...where is the evidence?

  6. In Pakistan Constitution: By Article 33, it is the country's duty to discourage parochial, racial, tribal, sectarian, and provincial prejudices among the citizens.


  7. Thinking i never tried writing about blasphemy but now i think i must write!And ofcourse my opinion is just not an opinion but i always write with logic and references.

    Our country was formed on the basis of Islam.We have given enough rights to all religions to practice and worship their gods.We donot destroy any temple,church like babari masjid.But in an Islamic country they are not allowed to preach their religions. it doesnot mean that they are not given enough freedom here.

    Moreover HR, it is to inform you that if you open PAra 19 first rakoo then you will get to know about an incident in which Holy prophet killed a man himself in battle of bader as he would make fun of our beloved prophets face.So,you can see that he himself has guided us that what should be a punishment for a blasphemour,right?

    Moreover,its our right to not to allow others to insult our prophet and religion. It can no way suggest that they are not free to practise their religions.As you may know that no religion invites or apprecaite hate speech!!

  8. You Calling her a poor lady??You mean you are allowing her to insult our prophet?You know HR,she and her family is now enjoying the parties in high government officials residential areas.Soon she will be sent to America.America has always been the one and only HEAVEN of all Paksitani criminals.
    Anyhow,US govt has asked for her and her family.This may be a tact by US to emcourage all the poor society of PAksitan to take such steps......

  9. Quoting HR "Where is our HUMAN VALUES and respecting the other religions in our country?"

    This question is from Connie and it will help HR what m trying to say:

    Connie can you please tell me, where Bible or christianity has taught its followers to insult and pass derogatory comments about other religions and prophets?I'm pretty your answer will be "NO WHERE".
    Then how HR can say "respecting other religions in our country?"Respecting other religions doesnot mean that you should let everyone abuse you!!
    That cursed lady insulted our prophet and this isnot a part of christianity, so dear HR how on earth you can think on these lines HR??

  10. hmm...Dear ReeBz....

    Thank you so much for your time and comment...

    Your comments require my time and a bit research from Holy Quran...as you have raised some very sensitive issues here....

    I will be back with my replies soon.

    Thanks again.

  11. Moreover, i agree that there is misuse of every rule in pakistan but in her case it was not misused.A full trail was run in court and she was proved guilty in COURT!
    After Allah,it is court who decides one wrong or right.Who are you and me to make a decision about her innocence?

  12. Sure you may take your time..:).I'm now trying to write about it, cause at several places i have to share my opinion like this.I think collecting my thoughts and refernces at one place will save me from typing everytime..
    I only avoided writing on it cause its an extremely sensitive issue and i may sound emotional and rude..

    Holy prophet says :
    No one can be true muslim until I'm most loving to him than his father mother wife children etc etc"

  13. Even if we suppose that Paksitan is suppressing the rights of minorties, then do tell me
    1.why the making of minarates has been banned in some countries?
    2.Why A lady shaheeda tul Hijab was murdered only cause she wanted to cover her head?
    3.Why in france you are not allowed to wear a head covering?
    4.Why in US you are forced to get bodily screened-it shows your body nude.Why dun they respect about our concerns?isnt it insulting?

    In all the world same is happening dear HR.and you know all these things froms Muslim dun harm anyone,still Muslims are being ruthlessly ignored and insulted everwhere in world!

  14. http://springofautumn.blogspot.com/2010/12/blasphemy-laws-amendment-required.html
    here is my researched article.I will appreciate if you give it a thorough read. I haD been gathering facts for it since ages.. finally i managed to gather them all at one place.. :)

  15. Dear ReeBz...

    As you are already in RESEARCH mood...

    Will you please elaborate a bit on what you wrote :

    if you open PAra 19 first rakoo then you will get to know about an incident in which Holy prophet killed a man himself in battle of bader as he would make fun of our beloved prophets face.So,you can see that he himself has guided us that what should be a punishment for a blasphemour,right?

    Are you sure you read it in OUR HOLY QURAN????

    I would be grateful if you let me know....

    Thank you so much !

  16. I ofcourse didnot invent it or said it on my own.I quoted Molana ibtasam Ilahi Zaheer from Ummat publications 24 novemeber 2010.I donot suspect any scholar specially when its printed in a newspaper.(I had not made research earlier when i posted that comment,now I have and i have collected all things in my blogpost)

    You may not actually find it in the translation from arabic to urdu,but there may be some historical background.If you notice,the ayahs are about same- about the importnace of prophets and Allahs anger on those who donot believe on His prophets.

    Here are more references from Quraan:

  17. hmm...Dear ReeBz....

    I am sorry...but I have to say to you....

    Please take your these words back :

    if you open PAra 19 first rakoo then you will get to know about an incident in which Holy prophet killed a man himself in battle of bader as he would make fun of our beloved prophets face.So,you can see that he himself has guided us that what should be a punishment for a blasphemour,right?

    Have you gone through PARA 19???

    Did you read the incident in the QURAN SHAREEF yourself????

    Because in QURAN SHAREEF no where in the whole book I found incident like this. NO where in the QURAN SHAREEF has mentioned that our Prophet(PBUH) killed a person because he/she was or gaining to make fun of him(pbuh) -God Forbid.

    Please take these words back.

    What you mentioned...as the sources are the websites and as you said you have read about it somewhere....but why you are wondering for the actual incident anywhere else...?

    If you are sure that it is written in QURAN SHAREEF...please scan the page and upload it on your blog to let me see....

    This is QURAN SHAREEF you are talking about....and you can't talk about QURAN SHAREEF and what's written in it by reading anyone's writings...you have to look for it in QURAN SHAREEF...

    I am no scholar of Islam...I don't claim that I have read QURAN SHAREEF better....

    But I am hundred percent sure about this incident is not mentioned anywhere in QURAN SHAREEF...

    Please look for it yourself in the QURAN SHAREEF and then upload the scan page....

    If you can't find it....than please delete or amend your statement....in a way...

    That you have read that in some Hadees or some Scholar of Islam has mentioned something about this incident....

  18. Hmmm
    Very interesting discussion going on, I would like to mention that we need to be calm and clear while commenting on religious issues. Muslims are a minority in USA, so Oklahoma administration should review its decision to ban Sharia laws.
    Secondly No one will allow the change in the blasphemy law in country instead some procedural changes may be useful to control the misuse.
    Thirdly blasphemy is not an issue particular to Muslims instead it is the issue of whole mankind.
    Regarding Aasia Bibi, I feel sad for her children but she has been handed the punishment by the court after a long hearing of the case, so I do not doubt the decision and she should not be forgiven on the excuse of being a minority member (as law is for all Pakistani’s).
    Every religion has some strict code of ethics and law on certain issues, Islam should not be blamed for being strict on blasphemy laws, If a person denying holocaust can be punished in west then why not to punish the person making derogatory remarks regarding the noblest of mankind, The Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace Be Upon Him.

  19. ReeBz...Peerless has given a very nice comment on this post but its accidently published in my other post...I am quoting it here...

    The comment explains almost all my feelings:

    Very interesting discussion going on, I would like to mention that we need to be calm and clear while commenting on religious issues. Muslims are a minority in USA, so Oklahoma administration should review its decision to ban Sharia laws.
    Secondly No one will allow the change in the blasphemy law in country instead some procedural changes may be useful to control the misuse.
    Thirdly blasphemy is not an issue particular to Muslims instead it is the issue of whole mankind.
    Regarding Aasia Bibi, I feel sad for her children but she has been handed the punishment by the court after a long hearing of the case, so I do not doubt the decision and she should not be forgiven on the excuse of being a minority member (as law is for all Pakistani’s).
    Every religion has some strict code of ethics and law on certain issues, Islam should not be blamed for being strict on blasphemy laws, If a person denying holocaust can be punished in west then why not to punish the person making derogatory remarks regarding the noblest of mankind, The Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace Be Upon Him.

    Thank you so much Peerless !

  20. hmmm...Closed Eyes....

    Pakistan is an Islamic Country and I am happy that I am in Ilamic Country....thanks for your coming.

    I am honored...dear.

  21. thanks friend:) n best wishes always

  22. I quoted renowned scholar Ebtisam Elahi Zaheer.You may ofcourse doubt me but you will not doubt a scholar.Same happened with me and i quoted him without checking it myself.
    Anyhow,I read translation,its true that there is no such incident mentioned in translation.But you may find it in TAFSEER.I'm still researching on it and I'll provide you the authentic material.

    Scholar Ebtasam Elahi is secretary general of Jamat ahle Hadees PAksitan and masters in 11 subjects which is also a record and is mentioned in guinnese book of world record.I reckon,you or me with a limited knowledge are no one to suspect his qualifications.Its just this that Quran is a complex book.We need help of scholars and alims to understand it.Many times isseues are not as open as you may expect. I believe there much be a historical background linked with that rakoo.Cause Such a renowned scholar just cant invent things naouzubillah.

    Strange, you are just looking at one thing.I have given several proofs from quran which also strenghthen our current blasphemy laws, dont they matter to you dear HR?Mind sharing your views?

  23. hm....ok....Dear ReeBz....next time when you start your statement....with....IT IS WRITTEN IN QURAN SHREEF.....you better read it in QURAN SHAREEF....or you just mention the name of the people who think or believed that its in QURAN SHAREEF.

    I know QURAN SHAREEF is a bit complex....but its words are clear and no where ALLAH had twisted HIS words....

    All I wanted you to look into the QURAN SHAREEF yourself and I hope its gives you a good lesson for not quoting the Holy Book without checking it yourself.

    Because quoting QURAN SHAREEF when you don't even read the matter in it...is a sin.

    I hope you know how wrongly you portrayed our Prophet(PBUH) who never ever killed anyone in his(pbuh)life....I hope you have understand the severity of your words....

    For other matters....like the law of blasphemy and Asia Bibi....

    We both have over own understanding...and I think that you don't want conversation or discussion on any of the issues...May Allah help you.

    Anyways....it was very kind of you to take out time.

    Thanks !

  24. hmm...law is such a controversial and vilan if mis-used....

    and thats the problem here in Pakistan...

    We mis-use our law and rules....

    And thats what my point is....

    I know...Blesphemy is a sin...but most of the time...people are taking this law into their favour and punishing the minorities here...

    I strongly believe that if people (who) thinks that Asia Bibi has done something wrong...they should have captured and show the court proceedings on national television channels.

    Its same...as Afia case...we don't know anything about the proceedings and the trial and all of us are only beating about the BUSH....

    However, by seeing peoples over reacting on the issue....on television channels and newspapers and common gathering....

    I wonder...what's feeding their stomach?

    The poor woman blood or their so called superiority?


  25. Thinking:
    I did mention the source.I may have left it earlier though(human error is everywhere.I definitely read the translation and tafseer both.thatswhy i was able to summarise what Allah has talked about in the particular rakoo.Anyhow,it was my mistake that i quoted it here,but that time i hadnot made any research i just quoted it cause i believe Scholars and its common to every one.
    I'll talk to the newspaper editor tomorrow who published that interview.Lets see what he says and how he explains it.
    As i have clarified it that those words were not from me,therefore i cant take it back.Even if they are wrong naouzubillah then speaker is responsible not me.

    "We both have over own understanding...and I think that you don't want conversation or discussion on any of the issues..."

    You should think carefully before making any assuptions.It may be you who donot want any conversation.I have raised many things in my blog post but it seems you just wanted to criticise so you took out only a "conflicted material" from it.On the other hand you think staying silent on the other mentioned issues are better.
    "May Allah help you."
    hmmm,I take it as a taunt.however i donot mind it HR.I need Allah's help all the time.Thank you. but i pray that may Allah helps not only me but also you.
    There is a big difference between my age and yours HR- so the opinions greatly vary.However, you can try to convince me... :)

  26. hmm....I still got the expression that you don't feel any shame on what you have wrote about our Prophet(PBUH)...

    And if you don't than its all yours and you will deal with it....

    The main thing was that if you thought that it is written in Quran Shreef...so why not you look for it yourself in Quran Shareef first....?

    But...you thought...it will add an extra SPICE to your post...and thus you mentioned it without properly searching for the real matter yourself....

    Still you have doubt that whether ALLAH has written something about it but as QURAN SHAREEF is so complex(as you said) you will again look for it....go ahead...search for Prohpet (PBUH) killing a person...and I know....I believe you will not find anything....

    So better repent... right?

    Yes....there is lot of age difference between you and me...and now I believe lot of difference in BRAINING out the matter too....

    hmmm....I don't need to convince you...I only convince myself...first...without trying to quote anyone's else research or saying....

    hmm...Allah is my helper all the time. Allah ka Shukar.

  27. I donot need any spice.As it was not the only element of spice in my post.There are many more references,against which you cant utter a word!

    What sort of shame you want me to feel?I have accepted that it was my mistake to quote a thing without prior research and I;m planning to confirm it from the actual person.whats wrong with it HR?I will ofcourse not at all kiss your hands in order to show regret.I will ofcourse not bow you in order to ask forgiveness.If the quote is proved wrong I shall defnitely confess it. A man is always in the stage of learning.Yuo may have crossed that age limit of learning,I'm still young and in the process of learning by making mistakes!

    You just want to prove yourself right. now its a personal waR.I just wonder why dun you say anythin for the rest of references?I even posted a link here in which punishement for blasphemy is mentioned in the light of religious scriptures?Strange...!

  28. quoting anyones research isnot a sin.We all do.Yuo are more likely to search for it when you hear from an unauthentic person but ont he other hand we believe scholars as we confess that they are more knowledgeable than us.There may be a printing error in paper, so there is nothing wrong if i confirm it.

    I think confirming is better.It will prevent further such chaos.

  29. hmm...ofcourse...I don't want you to kiss my hand..I better take my hand away...if someone who has after all a MUSLIM...wrote or think soemthing like what you did in your precious post....

    Even if you confirm it from the actual person...he can't prove...that he has read the incident in QURAN SHAREEF...so start regreting on what you already has wrote and now you can't hide it...that you wrote without authentic research and all of your studies are nothing just mere mirage...

    Learning does not mean that you start writing some foolish statement on our Prophet(PBUH)....and wait for some one to correct you...

    Learning is..to respect and find the source yourself.

    You claimed that the Scholar has read the incident in QURAN SHAREEF....so why not you go ahead and read it in QURAN SHAREEF and tell me...if you can find it....?

    Still you are thinking of confirming it...when you know...the incident is not in oour Holy Book?

    I wonder what you are up to???

    Even if certain events of the history of the same period and time when that SURAH was bestowed on our Prophet(pbuh)...I believed he(pbuh) has never hurt anyone in his(pbuh) life...more over killing a person...is more than we -the true Muslim- can believe....

    hmm...sometimes...when I read something...like this...I always try to check its autheticity before conveying it to anyone else....

    and now...as you are still under age...and in a period of learning....

    I will give you enough time to have a research of the matter and you can come back with the PROOFS as if you are right?


    However....please feel the shame on what you have wrote about Prophet(pbuh) without any proofs.

  30. Well this is my matter and let it with me and my Allah.You better donot assume anything like this..you are not a scholar neither you can claim that you fully know Quran.
    Watch your words, may be you will be regretting later?
    Soon after commenting here i checked it and read 3 to 4 rakoos of 19th para,i agree i coudnot find any such incidense. but lets wait for the scholars word.I donot think anyone in right minds can challenge him!

  31. Liaquat Baloch said that the blasphemer Aasia Mashid had uttered blasphemous words publicly and repeatedly and also before the law court upon which she was convicted. Rejecting the view that the Blasphemy law was being used against the minorities alone, he said, more than 500 cases under this law had been registered against the Muslims and the propaganda was false.
    Still think that this law is being misused?

  32. hmm...so if the scholar say that yes it is written in QURAN SHAREEF...although you could not find it...you will believe him????

    well done...shows how much you care about truth....

    You don't want to dig the hole yourself to see whats beneath...you just going to ask someone who has emerged from under the ground that how it is like underground???? right???

    I never claimed that I am scholar of Islam...but one thing I can bet...you can't find our holy prophet(pbuh) killing a person...in QURAN SHREEF (so complex for you to read).

    hmm...I feel pity on you now.

  33. Ji nahin-I just meant that i will ask him to explain.May be he will help me in getting the hold of the whole issue thatswhat i simply meant!

    Same here,I have been feeling pity on you for a very long time.

    You may take this issue as YOU VS ME.But for me its the matter of facts.As i have already said if that scholar cant explain me i shall defnitely accept my mistake HERE.and i will not be ashamed in it. I just want to knwo the RIGHT thing.and its moRE than what you are doing HR!!
    think on it

  34. so you are saying that...if the scholar could not prove that he has read the incident in QURAN SHAREEF...you will just blame him and will think or believe that you are free from all the accusations...?

    I don't think its so easy now....

    You have to make SADQA in favour of Holy Prophet (PBUH) as soon as you feel the shame on your act....the sooner you do...the better it will end....

    Plus...have to publish a SORRY post on your blog for misleading the people (Muslim or non-Muslim)...

    Ask for forgiveness from ALLAH and also from all the Muslim who have read your precious darling post with so many precious annoucements about holy prophet(pbuh) life histry....


    And yes...I took your post very seriously and felt the urge to make you feel the pain....you have give all the Muslims by quoting such blemish severe words....without checking them in Holy Book.

    hmmm.....and ofcourse...you can think that you are on higher morale than me....I don't mind....only...if you feel the shame on what you have said about our Prophet (pbuh).

  35. I would only say one thing :
    "Aimaal ka daromadar niyaton per hey".You are no one to make a fatwa against me.Whatever i wrote at my blog, i have mention reference there.If it is wrong then HE is responsible.And yes i Will mention it at blog and will post a sorry version once I'm confirmed that that specific news piece is wrong.I feel no shy in confessing my mistakes.I didnot intend any thing wrong,so you cant conclude it in this way.Even if you do i damn care!
    I know what is in my heart and my Allah knows it too. mind it HR!huh!

    its so ignorant of you that you just want YOU VS ME.If you were a person to appreciate knowledge then you would talk on other aspects as well.But you wanted to show me low,so you felt like staying silent on everyother thing.Once again i accept that it is my mistake to quote anything without checking it myself but as you know Aimal ka daromadar niyaton per he!!

  36. hmm...yes...what you do depend on your intentions....

    And what you write depends on your research...you can't write someone else words and than if found wrong....claimed your innocence.

    Still you are waiting for someone to prove it wrong to you..still you have desire that piece what I believed you have understood wrongly...become true....and you can claim that yes our Holy Prophet(pbuh) was a killer????

    I detest such kind of act...and feel the disgust....

    I am not the only one who felt the shame on you when you wrote something stupid without checking it yourself about our Propet(PBUH)....

    And now as you did it...you are trying to cover it with hot words and sarcastic remarks...

    hmm...I can take it easily...its obivious...when you are so so so less mannered with our Prophet(PBUH) what kind of respect I could expect from you for anyone else....

    You have to feel the SHAME on your words...and ask for forgivness from Allah...right now....

    Good Luck to you !

  37. Well well well.. whatever you call me i will not mind.As I prefer to not to be like you.
    I want to know the real facts.I want to see how this scholar will explain it.I donot care at all if you think that I'm responsible for it.It doesnot matter to me.

    Sarcasm was first started by you, you are atleast 10 years older than me if not mor.you should have shown some maturity.Jumping on others neck like this aint suit you.I didnot intend to quote it as my words MISS HR! it is understood that i cant claim it on my own as i m not any scholar.

    When you heard it from me, you wanted to know my pov on it.right?Then why are you feeling so much intensified aches in your stomach if I say that i should ask the specific scholar?
    Double standards right?

    I called the head office today, they have asked me to call back at 5 pm.Until then whatever the fuss you write here about me,I shall not reply you!As you are upto nothing!

  38. I have got an appointment of saturday 5pm.If it is wrong the newspaper should also publish a sorry version and i will do same.
    It concerns me the same as it may concern anyone else.

  39. http://www.freeaafia.org/ Our host and resident scholar here has a great article finally discovered by the official Aafia Family Site.

    The items herein may seem unrelated yet the principles would seem to apply to BOTH our nation's need to improve justice and human rights.

    I am busy helping a son with finals and need to do more research on the cases in point yet plan to be back, InshaAllah.

    Keep up the hard yet rewarding work of courtesy, careful research and loving reflection on the values we all hold in common.

    Thanx for staying calm and you are free to discuss this with me offline as well.

  40. This would support NOT banning the use of Sharia law where applicable even by US constitution and concerns for ALL minorities. Evidently this probably won't happen & I understand ONLY Oklahoma has considered doing this. However, IF they do, let us know so we can ACT here:

    At same time, of course, we all worldwide who care about humanity must speak out against any abuses from ANY law or MISUSE - interpretation of the same.

    When/if you want to add to research files, you may want to skim this. I apologize for the length but it's here for my own record and whoever may want to somewhat keep track of human rights and their misuse by various religious extremists - the worse, I do believe - our our own fundamentalists as provoked by Fox News USA - Sarah Palin - poorly accredited, so-called "Bible Colleges" and various hateful leaders:


    This will most likely be all I do on these issues and on Aasia Bibi's behalf for awhile online as I am needing to focus on Dr. Aafia - yet I hope that others - particularly in Pakistan - SAFELY, WISELY take up her case as there certainly is much more than meets the eye.
    Probably you here at RR are not advised to take this case up as apparently (like often happens in the US) too many out of control people are seeking to rev up the situation for their own political ends.

  41. Dear Connie...thank you so much for your presence....

    I am honored.

  42. I have finally managed to contact Ebtisam Elahi Zaheer.He has explained everything in detail with references. A very kind information that the Quote from him (incidence referrred from Quran) was definitely right and authentic.All those readers including you who were too arrogant to hear anythign earlier must read the next post.Its a request that next time before passing any harsh comments to anyone i.e calling someone a blasphmere one should think very carefully.YOU SHOULD BELIEVE SCHOLARS OF TIME!Since you are not in a position with your limited knowledge to challenge them!This shall be a good lesson to those including YOU who are double in age than me but have learnt nothing from life experiences.May Allah help us all!

  43. HR,Is stand with you in this ah..argument/discussion with ReeBz.
    Its not easy to just say it's in the Quran.
    And Allah hasn't twisted his words.
    Twisted itself is a disrespectful word.

  44. hmm...thank you so much Hamza.

    But our understanding is far away from Areeba thinkins...

    Lets see...I didn't want to enter such kind of quarrel...but I am now in it...May Allah help me and all others.Ameen.

    Thanks alot...I am honored.