Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Keys !

In my purse are keys to other worlds.

I keep them in a small notebook.

I put them there whenever I find them.

Sometimes I find them at work…and other times when I’m waiting in line at the grocery store.

I even find them at hospitals.

I’ve found a door.

I check my notebook for the key that fits.

I take out one of the keys and put it in the lock.

The door opens and before me is my imagination.

It flows out of the door and through me onto the pages.


  1. Simply beautiful, imaginative and candid, perfectly true to yourself.

  2. This is a true, universal writer and heartfelt "thinker"/reflecter: to simply be AWARE, on the look out - not for BLOCKS to understanding yet rather to KEYS.

    Not only what a nice tightly written little meditation yet also what a heroic recovery from discussions and situations which could potentially unnerve and through a less grounded writer off. (sometimes that's me although I'm quite a bit older.) So I tip my hat to you.

  3. hmm...Dar Sahib...thank you so much for coming...I am honored.

  4. hmm..Dear Friend Connie...

    Whenever I find myself srounded by reality...I escape to my imaginations...

    Its always refreshes my strength to move on...

    Thanks alot for your such lovely comment...

    I am glad that you came.

  5. wow! just loved this tashbeeh [i hope it's correct word used for 'comparison' :s]

    Thanks for letting us in through this door :)

    Heyyy! one more thought! will one person's key unlock another person's door? and allow him to see another person's world? :D

    Like you showed us this blog post..

  6. hmm...Thank you so much rIZ....for coming.

    It depends on the type of KEY you use....

    Yes...there are type of keys...

    One you use just to know whats inside other people's imagination...its called entertainment key...

    One you use to know and to do something with it...its called learning key....

    And one you keep it in your heart....this is called secret key....

    And list is long...

    But the keys are the important part to solve the ridlle of anyone's imagination....

    I hope you like the stories....

  7. thanks for rep :)

    yup i like to put my imagination into stories. It's the easiest way to paint reader's world :D