Monday, May 27, 2013


For me…hmm....

I like to have my personal space…I respect those who care about their personal space…and I never mind if someone show me…that I am trying to crowd their space I readily withdraw…(which is slightly difficult in my HUBBY’s case…a Wife must know what husband is doing with his personal space…yah?)

Recently travelling through plane in economy class I…lucky enough to have a neighbor so big and huge that he was not able to just fit in his seat and kept lean on me for which he was helpless and was not sorry too...of two hours flight including we had lunch together….and here together means TOGETHER…hmm...sine he was so close to me that I sometime forget either I am having my lunch or he is eating mine.

I avoided the eye contact instead he played the watch dog on me I could see from the corner of my left eye that whenever I turn my head to sneak outside the window his head turn that way...if I try to catch the air hostess movements he was doing the same which was annoying that at one time I tried to tell him how it feels when you confiscate the personal space nevertheless don’t ask how I avoided his unavoidable presence.

And this happens all the time…if you are in line…either utility bills submission line…grocery shopping…or even food line in a very well organized wedding ceremony…people with plastic smiles and gestures on their faces suddenly insist to lean against you…this is irritating!

They will not pass you as they know (at least this) that passing over is not ethical however they will hovering from your back and sometimes come so close that you can even feel their breath on the nape of your neck.

Once..hmm...I tried to explain the phenomena to the young lady hovering over my shoulder while we were in the utility bill submission line in a bank that her hovering…will not make any difference the cashier will take all the time (all the world’s time…by the way…have you ever noticed our bank people working on computers? Eeehhh..? Why? Well they all have so intense expressions on their faces and the keyboards under their fingers seems like so …so…foreign…like they had least idea about what are they...the computers…) to submit the bill and one by one we will proceed…she kept looking at me with so much attention that I…at one time wanted to pat her back for being so good listener but once I done talking and turn my back on her she rested her both hands on my respective shoulders and started hovering with more violent enthusiasm.

And the last but not the least…of all…when you are reading a NEWS PAPER…and someone decides they would like to read it too and try to read along with you…this is the top tier of improper space invasion.

Why not you buy your own paper…?

And the most irritating part is that you can’t just be too harsh to say something nasty to these people…the only choice you have is to swallow it…and pretend that it is nothing and you have not even slightly disliked their invasion…

hmm...and after all this…what is the moral of the story…?

Ahh….yes….I love mankind….hmmm….

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  1. Good morning Hajra ji,

    Your bitter experience ultimately forced you to force us out of your blog where we were once invited.
    It's said, "A guest should stay on someone's place for not more than three days because then arises a bundle of issues including the space problem.
    No doubt, everybody needs one's own space to breathe in and breathe out - in “personal privacy setting” of course.
    By kicking us out of your blog, at least you will be free to use your space at your convenience without experiencing a line up there.
    By the way: Don’t u think that twitter and face book have already slashed the over-loaded addiction of blogging for many.
    Take care and good luck!