Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How (not) to do it !

Note: Sorry for such (political) sarcastic post.

It is true that....how (not) to do it is the great study and object of all public departments and professional politicians all round the Pakistan.

It is true that every new government..hmmm…come to the power because they had upheld…convinced their fellowmen (poor) that a certain thing (as they believed) is necessary to be done and they will do it as soon as they'll come in power… and soon after coming in power applied their utmost faculties on discovering How not to do it.

It is true that…from the moment when election are over…every politician who wins and who was demanding during their whole political campaign the (last) government to explain why it hadn’t been done and had been empathizing that it should be done and it will be done without a moment wasted once they come in power…somehow…relapse to devise and start pondering on How it should not to be done (again).

It is true (though I am never been admitted there..hmm...but I am sure) that the debates in our parliament or assembly during the whole government tenure is tended to find out…How not to do it.

It is true that at the opening of every session in assembly and parliament…our honorable Speaker virtually would have said..hmm...

Ladies and Gentlemen...since you have a considerable stroke of work to do...you are allowed to retire…abandon the session as soon as you like...to discuss…to ponder…to think…How not to do it.

It is must be sure that the speech…at the closure of parliament or assemblies...virtually said...

Ladies and gentlemen...you have through several laborious months been considering...with great loyalty and patriotism...hmm...How not to do it....and congratulations that you have found out...and....with the blessing of Almighty...I now dismiss you.

All this is true (or must be true)… with our public departments but our Pakistan Telecommunication department (PTCL) went beyond it.

PTCL went on mechanically…everyday…with its wonderful…all-sufficient (rather ill-sufficient) labor and deep and thoroughly (thou roughly) prepared services and packages they have gaily announced that they have succeeded in not doing it..hmm....

PTCL has a reputation to keep and they are so severe with any of their servant who was going to do it...or who appeared to be any surprising accident in remote danger of doing it....with a minute and a memorandum...and a letter of instructions...that extinguished his flare of duty.

It was this spirit of national efficiency in the PTCL that had gradually led them to the top position of how not to do it. 


  1. Wow!
    Welcome on board--good sarcasm.
    now we know the secrets of how not to do it!
    A short distance from Smile to Laughter.

  2. Maybe.