Sunday, July 15, 2012

Husband says... I was at the hairdresser the other day - and in came 2 very well-dressed young ladies - both probably in their late 20s or early 30s.

The volume in which they carried their conversation meant that half of the boutique could hear them.

So...hmm....nope....I was not eavesdropping.

I was part of the conversation - the silent listener.

From the moment they sat down, both women started yakking and it was all about what their husband thought of them..

' my husband says that he likes me better with long hair and a bit of fringe'
' my husband thinks that I look better with this Dior watch than the Channel'
'my husband thinks that LV is too crude'
'my husband thinks that I should wear more green...'
'my husband prefers it if I wear gloves when driving'
'my husband likes to eat cabbage'....
'my husband says I look cool driving (I couldn't remember the car name)'... etc etc

Aside from clearly showing off their knowledge of luxury brands and trying to stay on top of each other in relation to 'how much the husband cares'....hmm....

I wonder if these 2 ladies had any opinions of their own?

I have encountered many such conversations amongst women - demonstrating no opinion of their own....demonstrating no confidence in how they their own decision-making.

Every conversation is about what their husbands think or do or say....

It's a very competitive world out there as we work to 'outdo' each other -
our cars - Benz, BMW, Rover or Lexus? -
our houses - which location? how many rooms? how big? -
our kids - who goes to which school? -
our husband - how much do they love us by the material goods they provide us and how happy we are when we don't really need to think for ourselves because the husband makes all the decisions.

It all seemed like a big show.

A show to the world that 'I am happily married...
I am wanted....
I am loved...
I have a great child....
I have a fantastic husband'....
look - all my friends say that 'I am happy and the luckiest person on earth!' is done.

Time to go - can't join in the conversation anymore.

My wallet says..... need to continue to work harder before the next hairdresser appointment!


  1. Thinking,

    False pride and urge for one upmanship makes many mighty ones also fall.

    Take care

  2. It is all about how we feel happy, secure and fulfilled. Some have this by showing off others by keeping their fingers crossed. The beauty of all this is in plurality and variety :)

  3. I do respect when the ladies express themselves regarding how they feel about the wishes of their lover husbands, but what bothers me is their limitless nonsense in a public place which clearly shows a 'show off' kind of attitude.
    Instead, these immature ladies should grow up enough to talk about the mutuality in terms of innermost personality including sincerity and selflessness.

  4. hmm...Dear All

    Thank you so much for your comments and time.

    I am honored to have you.

  5. ' my husband thinks that I look better with this Dior watch than the Channel' -- wow! I am speechless, really.